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Queen's Psychology Undergraduate Studies

Undergraduate Degree Programs in Psychology

Queen’s offers three different levels of specialization: the Major (BAH or BSCH), the Medial (BAH) and the Minor.

We also offer a BSCH Subject of Specialization in conjunction with Biology. For more on our degree programs, please visit our website:

STUDYING PSYCHOLOGY: an Hons. B.Sc. vs. an Hons. B.A.
The Honours B.Sc. Psychology plans are for those students primarily interested in the natural sciences, and studying the link between brain and behavior. This degree requires 120.0 units overall.

The Honours B.A. Psychology plans are for those students primarily interested in fields that focus less on the biological and more on the psychological and social aspects of human behaviour. This knowledge can be applied to such areas as business, community development, advocacy, security, health care, and communications. This degree requires 120.0 units overall, as of Fall 2017.

The Psychology courses required for the two degree programs scarcely differ; it is basically the other courses that the student takes along with Psychology as electives that create the difference. This is particularly true in a student’s first year as either an Arts or Science student, when the Science students usually fulfill their Science breadth requirements.

Both degrees include required training in statistics and research design.