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Graduate Studies In Psychology

Developmental Psychology

Developmental science is the study of change and stability over time. In the Developmental Psychology program at Queen's, we study cognitive and social development across the first 2 decades of life. 

Our mission is to conduct high-quality, innovative research, provide the best possible training for students, and share our knowledge through publications, media, and community outreach.  

See the developmental faculty and developmental research labs pages for more details about how this mission is achieved.

Graduate Student Training

As a group and in each lab, the developmental faculty take graduate student training seriously. In our bi-weekly Developmental Proseminar, for example, we have several professional development sessions per semester on such themes as grant writing, work/life balance, how to make the most of a scientific conference, and knowledge translation, to name a few. The courses we offer are organized around two main themes -- cognitive and social development - with half focusing on theory and half focusing on cutting-edge research. 

Our goal is that every developmental graduate student achieves mastery in: deep, critical thinking about developmental phenomena, written and oral communication, sophisticated data analysis, and knowledge translation. Every attempt is made to support students in discovering and taking advantage of opportunities to further their careers. For example, alumni from our program have utilized their high-level skills in a variety of careers such as government analyst, museum curator, and professor. 

Inquires about the Developmental Program? Please contact the Developmental program chair: Dr. Tom Hollenstein