Overview of the Roundtable

Introducing the Roundtable ("Q25")

The Queen’s Real Estate Roundtable (Q25) is a national, not-for-profit organization that brings together senior executives from a variety of types of companies within the commercial real estate sector, for the purposes of advancing and sharing best practices in the industry and discussing issues of common interest. This elite university-based organization is unique in Canada. Membership is limited to 25 of the most significant companies in the sector (the “Q25”), by invitation only, and the number of companies from each category is also limited. The Roundtable is a value-oriented forum, engaging in only those activities which its member companies feel add value to their business operations. It is run by its members, for its members.

The Q25 was recently featured in an article in RENX.ca: http://www.renx.ca/Detailed/Commercial/Queen_s_hopes_

The Origins of the Roundtable

The Roundtable builds on the strong reputation and success of the Queen’s University’s Executive Seminars on Corporate and Investment Real Estate www.queensu.ca/escire, founded in 2004 and under the leadership of Dr. John Andrew since its inception. ESCIRE provides high-quality executive development events in the Toronto area, drawing prominent speakers and senior executive attendees from across North America, and occasionally also internationally. Its hallmark is hosting small (capped at 100 participants) and interactive forums, with candid and intelligent discussions on current and emerging themes of importance to the industry.

Both the Q25 and ESCIRE are based in the Queen's School of Urban and Regional Planning (www.queensu.ca/surp), which offers a comprehensive commercial real estate stream within its Master of Urban and Regional Planning degree program.

Benefits of Membership

Member companies pay an annual fee, and receive many benefits (being phased in over time), including (but not necessarily limited to):

  • Participation in a one-day, summit-style annual retreat for members, at a convenient location.
  • Introductions to, and networking events involving Ambassadors to Canada from 20 Asia-Pacific countries and other senior foreign government officials (through the Queen’s University’s Ambassadors’ Forum founded in 2003).
  • Participation in several members-only networking events each year.
  • Attendance at our Distinguished Leaders series – executives, entrepreneurs and other leaders in the industry and related fields speaking to Roundtable members.
  • Exclusive access to publications written by a select group of experienced researchers working on current and emerging real estate issues chosen by members. The focus will be on producing research findings on key emerging issues that our members may apply to their business operations.
  • Access to ancillary opportunities offered by Queen’s University, e.g. recruiting graduates, hiring summer interns, guest speaking opportunities, consulting, etc.
  • Receipt of a regular newsletter containing interesting articles, research findings and news from member companies and the industry.
  • Attendance at approximately two Executive Real Estate Seminars each year.
  • Advertising privileges at our seminars and other events.
  • Participation in the governance of the Roundtable and direct input on all aspects of its operation (e.g. topics for research and seminars, etc.).
  • Exclusive, password-protected access to an online portal to research products, publications, an industry database, newsletters, etc.

A Complementary, Not Competing Industry Organization

There are already several well-established membership-based real estate organizations, including RealPAC, NAIOP, CoreNet Global, among others. We have studied and consulted with these organizations and many other advisors, with the goal of avoiding unnecessary overlap and duplication. The principal foci of the Roundtable are executive development and applied research. Another way in which the Roundtable distinguishes itself is through its inclusion of only senior executives from 25 of Canada’s leading companies from across a cross-section of the real estate industry. It is modeled after industry organizations based at leading U.S. universities with real estate programs. Among the Q25’s hallmark features are exclusivity, collegiality, seniority and confidentiality. Many of the benefits in the preceding list can only be offered by this unique organization, including direct access to 20 Ambassadors, tapping into an international network of top researchers, and various partnership opportunities with Queen’s University (including graduate recruitment, research, visiting speakers, etc.). Over time, the international emphasis of the Roundtable will probably increase, and may develop into a parallel membership group of foreign entities investing in Canadian real estate, with connections between it and the Q25. This further distinguishes the Roundtable from other organizations.



Queen's Real Estate Roundtable Member Companies

• Aberdeen Asset Management
• Alberta Investment Management Corporation
• Bennett Jones
• Bridgeport Realty Management
• Ernst & Young
• Fengate Capital Management
• Infrastructure Ontario
• LaSalle Investment Management / Jones Lang LaSalle
• Morguard Investments Ltd.
• Otera Capital
• Starlight Investments
• Toronto Port Lands Company
• Torys
• Wells Fargo

Upcoming Events

Queen's University's Executive Seminar on Corporate & Investment Real Estate
"Real Estate Capital Markets 2015"
Thursday, June 11, 2015 - Downtown Toronto

This event is open to all industry registrants (i.e. not exclusive to Roundtable members).
Information and Registration: http://www.queensu.ca/escire/

Also see "Upcoming Events" for events being hosted by our partners

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