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Queen's University


The Yamaha philosophy for music education is based on the belief that everyone has the potential to develop musical ability, and that everyone has the capacity to create, perform and enjoy one's own music. Through this joy of music, one can enjoy a richer life.

The Junior Music Course (JMC) makes learning fun with Group Lessons. It is proven that Group Lessons are an effective way to achieve comprehensive musical training. Through groups, students can sing with others and perform in various kinds of ensembles. Groups also allow for children to be at ease, become motivated by their peers and develop confidence through regular in‐class performance in front of a friendly and familiar audience.

The JMC is based on training students according to their developmental stage in life. The Yamaha Music Foundation has completed much research illustrating that a child’s ear develops most rapidly between the ages of four and six. Since hearing development is so closely related to learning music, this is the ideal time to start developing music skills.

The curriculum of JMC 1 emphasizes ear training and the development of a good rhythmic sense. It includes a variety of activities, including singing words and solfège, keyboard playing, sight singing, sight playing, ensemble work and musical creativity. Accompanied by the parent, as the parent is the essential link between the class experience and successful practice at the home, both child and parent can both share the joy of learning music with one another.

2015-16 season information will be available in early August.

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