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Ange Lam - Piano / Yamaha Music Education Instructor

Ange Lam

Ange Lam began her musical studies at the young age of 4, at the Yamaha Music School in Toronto. Throughout the years, she has taken classes in the Junior Music Course (JMC) stream, Junior Special Advanced Course (JSAC) stream, and then gone on to pursue further studies at the Senior Advanced Course (SAC) level.

Ange is currently a student at Queen's University, completing a double degree in Music and Concurrent Education. Upon graduation, she aspires to become a music teacher in the public school system.

Being invited to perform her own compositions both nationally and internationally has been an invaluable experience for Ange. She has had the pleasure of performing throughout Canada, as well in the United States, Japan, and Thailand.

When she's not teaching or practicing, Ange enjoys dancing in her spare time. She believes that the arts is a powerful way to express emotions that cannot be done through words alone.

Ange values being able to bring out the best in each of her students and helping them reach their full potential, and is excited to be a part of the QCM faculty this year!