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Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA)

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The AODA, which became law in 2005, requires all people and organizations that provide goods, services, facilities and employment in Ontario to implement certain accessibility standards. These standards are developed and determined through a process involving the disability community, private and public sectors as well as the government.

The following standards will all become law by January, 2025:

  • Customer Service (became law in 2008)
  • Transportation
  • Employment
  • Built Environment
  • Information and Communications

The remaining four standards are currently moving through the approval process.

The AODA is an important part of a growing initiative to remove and prevent barriers for people with disabilities, giving them the same opportunities to succeed and assuring that their rights to equal treatment are protected.

To meet the requirements of the AODA, university policies and practices must promote accessibility in the learning environment and provide simultaneous access to programs, services and facilities to students, faculty, staff and community users who have disabilities.

In order to help educators meet these requirements, the QLC Accessibility Toolkit is an open resource to access for information on creating material, using media and teaching in ways that meet the Ontarian standards for accessibility.