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Stage 10: Conducting a comprehensive literature review

Now that your project is defined and your research and writing are underway, it’s time to further develop your review of the literature relevant to your topic.

A comprehensive literature review helps you build a case for your own research and helps you base your research on a strong scholarly foundation

Step 1: Review the materials that you used in your (See Stage 1) initial literature survey and the feedback you received from your committee.

Step 2: Identify gaps in your research based on step 1 review.

Step 3: Conduct in-depth literature review.

  1. Review bibliographies/reference lists from sources you have already collected
  2. Use citation indexes to track landmark articles and find related articles
  3. Scan the table of contents in current issues of key journals
  4. Locate additional dissertations
  5. Arrange access to special collections and archives
  6. Find additional journal articles and books

Step 4: Formulate literature review.