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Stage 15: Writing the abstract

Submitting a copy of your Abstract, signed by your advisor, to the Graduate School is one of the final required steps in completing your degree.

The Abstract that you submit will be part of the permanent record about your research in Digital Dissertations. It becomes one of the ways that other researchers decide whether or not they want to examine your dissertation.

Your abstract will need to conform to the Degree Completion Procedures for the Degree found on the Graduate School web pages.

Additionally, consult the most current version of E-theses @ Queen's for details about preparation of the Abstract and formatting.

Step 1: Look at examples of abstracts in dissertations.

  • Examine actual Queen's Univeristy dissertations in the Library (Microfiche 390)
  • Examine dissertations from other institutions by using the Dissertations link on the Library web page.

Step 2: Review your introduction, conclusion, grant proposals, and other documents that you have written. Most likely you have already written parts of your abstract in these documents.

Step 3: Identify keywords to summarize your research.

  • The keywords that you select are important and will be one of the primary ways in which other researchers are able to retrieve your dissertation

Step 4: Seek advice and feedback on writing abstracts

  • Writing an Abstract by the University of Queensland. Click "PhD Stages," then "Finishing touches," then Abstract.
  • Writing an Abstract for your engineering thesis from the University of Toronto.
  • Consider reviewing your abstract draft with the Queen's University Writing Center.