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Stage 16: Finalizing Revisions

Although it is tempting to have some letdown time after your defence, it is important to follow up immediately on any revisions requested by your committee members. This is the last round prior to being officially done!

Step 1: Record any comments and decisions about revision requests made by your committee members during your final defence.

Step 2: Talk to advisor(s) after the defence to clarify their suggestions and present a proposal of the final changes you will complete.

Step 3: Dedicate time to writing your final revisions; make a checklist of tasks.

Step 4: Finish your final content revisions and sentence-level editing.

  • Find an outside editor (extra set of eyes) for your final draft. Pay someone if feasible...it's worth it at this point
  • Incorporate current editorial guidelines in your field for publishing, such as APA (American Psychological Association) and MLA (Modern Language Association). (Note that these websites are not a substitute for the associations’ published style manuals)
  • Include final page specifications for the Graduate School (margins, cover page, abstract requirements, etc.)

Step 5: Get final approval for revisions from advisor before submitting.