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Stage 4: Reviewing the literature in your field

Reviewing Literature in your field helps to:

    • Develop in-depth understanding of your topic
    • Understand the broader field of which your topic is a part
    • Explore important methodologies, controversies, and research issues
    • Identify names of key researchers
    • Be sure your research makes a unique contribution
    • Evaluate feasibility of topic
    • Position your topic in your field

      Depending upon what you discover in this process and the requirements of your program, you may decide to refine, focus, or change your topic.

      See Why do I have to do a Literature Review? on the University of Queensland’s website, and Why Do a Literature Review? at Central Queensland University

      See also University of Toronto's "The Literature Review: A Few Tips On Conducting It

      Step 1: Investigate relevant library resources and services.

      Step 2: Start to study topic in depth by finding relevant sources.

      Step 3: Formulate a focused search strategy.

      Step 4: Gather & organize relevant materials for proposal and comprehensive literature review.