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Navigating the Library

On this page you will find videos and tips to help you learn how to make the most of your library and its resources.

The QLC offers a service for help with navigating the library.  Check out our video for more information!

About the Writing Centre at Queen's University 

Navigating the Queen's Library Website

The QLC has created video tutorials to help you learn to use the Queen's Library resources.

PDF Version (12.4 KB)

Queen's University organizes their books based on the Library of Congress Call Number System.  The following two videos will explain how to read a call number and how the Library of Congress classification system works.

Source: Ryerson Library

Source: Valley Forge Christian College

The following two videos will give a basic overview of how to use the microform readers located in the basement of Stauffer Library.  While these tutorials are not done on the exact machines in Stauffer they are very close and still prove useful in learning how to use the readers.

Source: Mabee Library - Washburn University

Source: Steely Library - Northern Kentucky University

Here is a fun video to start out your search for resources in the library.  Use the library catalog!

Source: University of Washington