Assessment Rubrics

Name Institution Department Year Group
standardized testsQueen's UniversityEducational researchFourth Year (Senior)
online instructionQueen's UniversityEducationGraduate
Making and evaluating statistical decisionsQueens UniversityPsychologyThird Year (Junior)
Hemispheric specialisationPVGCScienceFirst Year (Freshman)
Teaching strategiesQueen's UniversityEducationGraduate
creative writingGeorge Brownacademic excellenceFirst Year (Freshman)
Constructivism in the classroomQueen's UniversityEducationSecond Year (Sophomore)
Case StudyUniversity of WollongongSchool of NursingFirst Year (Freshman)
ThermodynamicsMonash universityPharmacy and pharm sciFirst Year (Freshman)
competence in theological educationUniversity of DivinityProfessional DevelopmentGraduate
reflecting and reporting on a work-integrated learning placement in a capstone course.RMIT UniversityInternational StudiesFourth Year (Senior)
close reading a novelUniversity of GuelphSchool of English and Theatre StudiesThird Year (Junior)
Building bridgesUCalgaryEDUFirst Year (Freshman)
Hormone replacement therapyMomnash UniversityDDBFirst Year (Freshman)
an anatomy topicQueen's UniversityDBMSSecond Year (Sophomore)
an anatomy topicQueen's UniversityDBMSFirst Year (Freshman)
Physical activity in NCDsMonash UniversityMedicine & Health SciencesFirst Year (Freshman)
Research projectQueen's UniversityPsychologyThird Year (Junior)
OT modelscurtin universityotFirst Year (Freshman)
reviewing current articles on a specific topic in child guidanceSt. Lawrence CollegeCCTLFirst Year (Freshman)
reflection on social determinants of health in relation to FN health statisticsUniversity of SaskatchewanKinesiologyFirst Year (Freshman)
groundwater contaminationQueen's UniversityGeological EngineeringThird Year (Junior)
Research projectQueen's University?Fourth Year (Senior)
Lesson PlanningUniversity of SaskatchewanCurriculum StudiesThird Year (Junior)
Biochemical tests for IdentificationDurham CollegeSSETThird Year (Junior)
Creating a presentation pitch for ultra-large scale systems for multiple audiencesQueen's UniversityComputingGraduate
evaluating a literature reviewQueen'sLibraryGraduate
Critical Analysis WritingLethbridge CollegeEETFirst Year (Freshman)
formulating optionsQueen's UniversityBUSINESSFirst Year (Freshman)
musical performanceQueen's UniversityDrama and MusicFirst Year (Freshman)
Mathematical proceduresXElectrical EngineeringSecond Year (Sophomore)
Mathematical proceduresXElectrical EngineeringSecond Year (Sophomore)
study design and statistical analysisQueens UniversityPsychologyThird Year (Junior)
analysing a case studyQueensBusinessFirst Year (Freshman)
Gender representations in popular mediaXMediaThird Year (Junior)
Textual argument analysisHumber CollegeEnglishFirst Year (Freshman)
creative writingRMCEnglishSecond Year (Sophomore)
reporting on assessment resultsOUA CurtinEducationFirst Year (Freshman)
[insert topic here]MonashArtsSecond Year (Sophomore)
[insert topic here]maSecond Year (Sophomore)
problem solvingQueen's university Mechanical engineering Fourth Year (Senior)
Cultural LiteraciesMonashArtsFirst Year (Freshman)
Cultural LiteraciesMonashArtsSecond Year (Sophomore)
Cultural LiteraciesMonashArtsThird Year (Junior)
Cultural LiteraciesMonashArtsFourth Year (Senior)
Cultural LiteraciesmArtsGraduate
scientific conceptsRMIT UniversityScienceFirst Year (Freshman)
dramaturgical structure of Canadian playsQueen's University Drama & MusicFirst Year (Freshman)
collective creation of a mashupQueen's University Drama & MusicFirst Year (Freshman)
key figures, organizations, or events in theatre historyQueen's University Drama & MusicSecond Year (Sophomore)
selected key figure, organization, or event in theatre history (unedited)Queen's UniversityDrama & MusicSecond Year (Sophomore)
Research paperQueen'sPoliticsFourth Year (Senior)
Laboratory logbookMonash UniversitySchool of Physics and AstronomyFirst Year (Freshman)
Music performanceMonashArtsFirst Year (Freshman)
live performance analysisBISCMusicFirst Year (Freshman)
Genotype x environmentBISCPsychologyFirst Year (Freshman)
Anglo-Jamaican cultureQueen'sUniversityMusicThird Year (Junior)
an Anglo-Janaican exchangeQueen's UMusicSecond Year (Sophomore)
Rapid prototypingdavedaveGraduate
research projectQueen's UniversityMechanical and Materials EngineeringFourth Year (Senior)
creating a websiteITPHPFirst Year (Freshman)
understanding the historical basis for Aboriginal LawQueen's University Faculty of Law Second Year (Sophomore)
Resource related to children in the churchTenderly University and CollegeChristian EducationGraduate
creative writing; bridge failure; light waves; political campaigningQueen's UniversityOHSESecond Year (Sophomore)
[insert topic here]MonashArtsFirst Year (Freshman)
Assessing TeamworkQueen' UniversityEducationGraduate
Social MediaLangara CollegeCS TechnologyFirst Year (Freshman)
Research DesignQueens universityCivilThird Year (Junior)
Database searchingQueens UniversityHealth Sciences LibraryGraduate
giving the best possible advice to your principal, who will then be relying on the advice you give, and offering it to the client.Queen's University facultyLawGraduate
Evaluating a research studyQueen's UniversityCTLFirst Year (Freshman)
Database searchingQueens UniversityHealth Sciences LibraryGraduate
Process Hazards AnalysisQueen's UniversityChemical EngineeringFourth Year (Senior)
Brain Development in Developmental DisordersQueen's UniversitypsychologyFourth Year (Senior)
giving the best possible advice to your principal, based on the fact pattern given, who will then be relying on the advice you give, and offering it to the client.Queen's UniversityLawFirst Year (Freshman)
Designing abplanar antenna, and measuring its performanceEngineeringMicrowaveFourth Year (Senior)
creating a annotated bibliography that will inform the rationale for selecting specific questions that pertain to 'big' problems in the biomedical sciencesQueen's UniversityBiomedical and Molecular Sciences/Centre for NeuroThird Year (Junior)
creating a annotated bibliography that will inform the rationale for selecting specific questions that pertain to 'big' problems in the biomedical sciences - take 2Queen's UniversityBiomedical and Molecular Sciences/Centre for NeuroThird Year (Junior)
producing clear, concise and convincing writing in the form of a MegaTweet (140 words).Queen's UniversityLLCUThird Year (Junior)
designing an object for everyday useOCADLASSecond Year (Sophomore)
Database searching Queen's UniversityLibraryGraduate
Analyze the (attached) case study in terms of rights theory.YorkSchulich Business EthicsSecond Year (Sophomore)
Geopolitical situation in France in 1800RRSecond Year (Sophomore)
java programmingaaThird Year (Junior)
Process Hazards AnalysisQueen's UniversityChemical EngineeringFourth Year (Senior)
Science CommunicationQueen'sPSYCFourth Year (Senior)
Using the Population Health Promotion Model to better understand issues in community health.UNBFaculty of NursingThird Year (Junior)
Workspace DesignQueen's UniversityMechanical and Materials EngineeringFourth Year (Senior)
counsellingMonashparamedicsThird Year (Junior)
To be able to analyse a piece of writingMonash UniversityEducationFirst Year (Freshman)
Creating a learning outcomes assistant toolMonashOVPLTFirst Year (Freshman)
planning and monitoringqueens UniversityGraduate
Health InequitiesQueens UniversityPublic Health SciencesGraduate
reflection and analysisQueen's UniversityRehabilitation TherapyGraduate
businessQueen'sSchool of businessFirst Year (Freshman)
The fnal culminating project simulates a typical work place project where students will work on an issue identified by their employer. In addition to determining crucial data, students will integrate and synthesize diverse data to identify best practice aQueen's UniversityCDSGraduate
social influences on psychopathologyQueens UniversityPsychologySecond Year (Sophomore)
[insert topic here]MonashArtsFirst Year (Freshman)
food envirornmentGuelph HumberKinesiologyFourth Year (Senior)
health policiesQueen's UniversitySKHSThird Year (Junior)
CodeBSDTechFirst Year (Freshman)
Geological Engineering Consulting ProjectQueen's UniversityGeological EngineeringFourth Year (Senior)
Generating new ideas and developing these ideas from thought to reality through personal experience, reading, writing, and speaking.ASDES LiteracyFirst Year (Freshman)
Determining the best material to select for a plane wingQueen'sFEASFirst Year (Freshman)
creative writingHITEngineeringFirst Year (Freshman)
This rubric serves as an opportunity to evaluate your performance and the performance of your peers during the OCP project Canadian Frailty NetworkGraduate
gestion de projetLa CitéForestFirst Year (Freshman)
evaluating and analyzing primary sourcesGuelphHistoryFirst Year (Freshman)
leveraging knowledge Brock UniversityCentre for Digital HumanitiesFirst Year (Freshman)
This assignment is an historical investigation of a problem or dilemma in the world in the present day.Queen's University HistorySecond Year (Sophomore)
Résolution de problèmesLa CitéESSHThird Year (Junior)
Imagine a historical characterhgjhggjgkjFourth Year (Senior)
Construire une grille d'évaluation en françaisLa CitéTravail socialSecond Year (Sophomore)
political campaigningUniversity of WaterlooChemical EngineeringFirst Year (Freshman)
Light wavesUniversity of WaterlooChemical EngineeringThird Year (Junior)
Phylogenetic SystematicsUniversity of TorontoBiologyThird Year (Junior)
Industrial fluid flowUniversity of WaterlooMechanical and Mechatronics EngineeringThird Year (Junior)
[insert topic here]MonashArtsFirst Year (Freshman)
Three dimensional continuity of sandstoneCU Geological ScienceThird Year (Junior)
QualityQueensEngineeringFourth Year (Senior)
QualityUTPEngineeringFourth Year (Senior)
intercultural competencyWestern UniversityGeographyThird Year (Junior)
designing riprap for streambank protectionQueen's UniversityCIVLThird Year (Junior)
Qualitative case Queen'stestThird Year (Junior)
Analyzing the relationship between physical environment and human settlementAnonymous Academy GeographyFirst Year (Freshman)
Spatial Technologies, Society and InterdependenceQueen's UniversityContinuing EducationGraduate
Unit Plan CreationQueensFaculty of EducationGraduate
Planning a UnitQueensGeographyGraduate
Planning a UnitQueensGeographyGraduate
Unit AssessmentUnit AssessmentGeographyGraduate
Investigate, plan and implement an action plan for an ongoing gender issue within the local communityAnonymous Social SciencesFirst Year (Freshman)
Investigate, plan and implement an Action Plan InitiativeAnonymousSocial SciencesFirst Year (Freshman)
Comparing Revelation and How it is Reflective n Informative and Performative aspects of scriptureQueens's University Religious StudiesFirst Year (Freshman)
[insert topic here]MonashArtsSecond Year (Sophomore)
[insert topic here]MonashArtsThird Year (Junior)
[insert topic here]MonashArtsThird Year (Junior)
[insert topic here]MonashArtsThird Year (Junior)
[insert topic here]MonashArtsFourth Year (Senior)
[insert topic here]MonashArtsFourth Year (Senior)
[insert topic here]MonashArtsFourth Year (Senior)
[insert topic here]MonashArtsGraduate
[insert topic here]MonashArtsGraduate
[insert topic here]MonashArtsGraduate
Reflecting on theory and real-world examples Third Year (Junior)
analysis of a philosophical problemHigashi Nippon International UniversityFacutly of economicsFirst Year (Freshman)
Quality Improvement in Health CareCDLOpenSecond Year (Sophomore)
A popular tourist destinationChippewaGeographyFirst Year (Freshman)
digital story tellingQueensFilmThird Year (Junior)
effective teachingepflTeaching ^ learningGraduate
Services de santé provinciaux en contexte francophone minoritaireUniversité d'OttawaHSSSecond Year (Sophomore)
market segmentation Queen's SmithFirst Year (Freshman)
interest rate factorUWaterlooPsycologyThird Year (Junior)
Unit PlanQueens UniversityEducationGraduate
value propositionUofTImpact CentreThird Year (Junior)
mathkhmathFourth Year (Senior)
CREATIVE MATHSNmathFirst Year (Freshman)
Sustainability and StewardshipQueensEducationGraduate
Senior Geography Unit PlanQueensEducationGraduate
integrating information to come to a reasonable conclusion about a human conditionU of APsychologyFirst Year (Freshman)
Discovering Water Quality Around the WorldHighschoolGeographyFirst Year (Freshman)
Exploring how transportation systems have historically shaped geographies, and project the impacts future technological advancements in transportation will have.Queen's UniversityGeographyThird Year (Junior)
Unit PlanQueensContinuing Education Graduate
This assignment in about comparing and contrasting a select area of international trade law in different jurisdictionsQueen'sSmith School of BusinessGraduate
Collaborative ComicWestern UniversityMLLThird Year (Junior)
Health & Social inequalitiesUOSocial WorkSecond Year (Sophomore)
Health & social inequalitiesUOttawaSocial WorkThird Year (Junior)
designing a QI approachRyerson UniversitySHSMFourth Year (Senior)
Describe the cultural contributions of Native Americans in Nevada and in the United StatesOwyhee social studiesFirst Year (Freshman)
Investigate ways in which Native Americans and immigrants helped create North American cultureOwyheeSocial StudiesFirst Year (Freshman)
Investigate ways in which Native Americans and immigrants helped create North American CultureOwyheeSocial StudiesFirst Year (Freshman)
Investigating ways in which Native Americans and immigrants helped create North American cultureowyheesocial studiesFirst Year (Freshman)
slaveryhumbersocialSecond Year (Sophomore)
Animals & SocietySeneca CollegeEnglish & Liberal StudiesThird Year (Junior)
Third World Economic Development Queen's UniversityPolitical StudiesSecond Year (Sophomore)
Developing a research questionNorQuest CollegeEnglishFirst Year (Freshman)
Targeted therapy evaluationQueen's UniversityBiologyThird Year (Junior)
TV PitchQueen'sFilmThird Year (Junior)
Creative assignmentQueen'sEnglishFourth Year (Senior)
Designing and prototyping an artefactCQUniversityEngineeringSecond Year (Sophomore)
Romantic-era literatureQueen's UniversityEnglishFourth Year (Senior)
BenchmarkingMcMaster UniversityHealth SciencesFirst Year (Freshman)
build a digital curriculum toolQueen'sEducationFirst Year (Freshman)
Unit Planning Queen's UniversityGeographyGraduate
Creating a Unit Plan for a Senior Geography courseQueen's UniversityGeographyGraduate
Designing a Unit for Intermediate GeographyQueen's UniversityContinuing Education for TeachersGraduate
Unit Plan for Geography AQQueen's UniversityContinuing Teacher EducationGraduate
Designing a UnitIntermediateGeographyGraduate
Retrofitting an existing community to improve its sustainability and liveabilityQueen's Faculty of EducationGraduate
unit planQueeensGeographyGraduate
Identifying false use of evidence in a research proposalQueen's UniversityCenter for Teaching and Learning Graduate
researching the history of social popular musicQueen'sMusicFirst Year (Freshman)
social history of popular musicQueen'sMusicFirst Year (Freshman)
The power of social media in driving consumer practices Queen's UniversityFilm & MediaThird Year (Junior)
Written and Visual JournalismBISCThird Year (Junior)
Creating a journalism featureBISCThird Year (Junior)
Coursework BlogBISCThird Year (Junior)
Reflective EssayBISCThird Year (Junior)
2000 words essay Bader International Study Centre HistorySecond Year (Sophomore)
ELO Pett Level Field CourseBISCGeologyFirst Year (Freshman)
Unit Plan for Theme One of Forces of Nature GeographyJean ForsythEducationGraduate
debate and media presentationSt. Mary's Catholic Secondary SchoolGeographyFirst Year (Freshman)
debating opinions and creating media presentationsSt. Mary's Catholic Secondary SchoolGeographyFirst Year (Freshman)
Building a SimCityQueen's UniversityGeographyFourth Year (Senior)
Creating your own town rubricQueen's UniversityContinued EducationFourth Year (Senior)
Electoral Systems Queen's University Political Studies Third Year (Junior)
Geography Unit PlanQueen's UniversityEducationGraduate
critical writingQueen's UniversityThird Year (Junior)
Music ResourcesMount Royal UniversityEducationFourth Year (Senior)
Final EvaluationsQueen'sContinuing Teacher EducationGraduate
Writing a grant proposal.Carleton UniversityBiologyFourth Year (Senior)
Your project is a hypothetical activity or program that you believe would mitigate an issue impacting those over 65 years old. Queen's UniversitySociologyFourth Year (Senior)
gender and migrationQueen's UniversityPolitical StudiesFourth Year (Senior)
Students will produce high-quality deliverables which effectively apply theories of digital media and social change to benefit a community of practice.Saint Joseph's UniversityCommunication StudiesFourth Year (Senior)
writing a research planUBCSLAISGraduate
Multiple regressionMRUBassett School of BusinessFirst Year (Freshman)
HIVMcMaster UniversityBHScSecond Year (Sophomore)
Physics LaboratoryUniversity of AlbertaPhysicsFirst Year (Freshman)
Health & Safety in music or drama settingGCDH&S First Year (Freshman)
Gothic literature Mount Royal university English Fourth Year (Senior)
Reflecting on educational technologyUniversity of AlbertaCTLFirst Year (Freshman)
Assessing students in Music classMount Royal UniversityEducationFourth Year (Senior)
assessment tools for music lessonsMount Royal UniversityEducationFourth Year (Senior)
Indigenous political filmsQueen's University Political StudiesGraduate
Providing solutions for an anatomical caseQueen's UniversityDBMSSecond Year (Sophomore)
Sterilizing ToolsFoot Care KingstonEducationGraduate
Reflection on articlesQueen's UniversityGender StudiesThird Year (Junior)
Literary AnalysisUniversitetet i BergenInstitutt for pedagogikkSecond Year (Sophomore)
research writingPracticePracticeFirst Year (Freshman)
reviewing a clinical case study, using anatomical knowledge, to determine both the appropriate differential diagnoses and managegementQueen's UniversityBMEDSecond Year (Sophomore)
Romantic visual culture and Romantic-era literatureQueen'sEnglishFourth Year (Senior)
Popular Culture Self- AssessmentQueens UniversityArts and Science OnlineSecond Year (Sophomore)
Writing Provocative QuestionsQueens UniversityArts and Science OnlineSecond Year (Sophomore)
ed tech researchUNBCETLGraduate
evaluating research on death and dying to a specific clinical scenarioRyersonpsychThird Year (Junior)
Comparison exerciseBISCBISCFirst Year (Freshman)
Comparison exerciseBISCBISCFirst Year (Freshman)
TV PitchQueen'sFilmThird Year (Junior)
Essay WritingUniversity of AlbertaEnglish and Film StudiesFirst Year (Freshman)
Essay writingQueen's UniversitySchool of Music and dramaSecond Year (Sophomore)
process hazard analysisQueen's UniversityCHEEFourth Year (Senior)
risolvere problemiIstitutzioneDepartimentoFirst Year (Freshman)
Wikipedia editing assignmnetQueen's UniversityMEDSThird Year (Junior)
An Inconvenient Truth Summary & ReflectionQueen's UniveristyGeographyThird Year (Junior)
Senior Geography Unit Design And Culminating ActivityQueen's UniveristyAQGraduate
Service LearningQueen's UniversityProfessional Studies, faculty of EducationFourth Year (Senior)
PhotoshopSt. Lawrence GeneralFirst Year (Freshman)
Direct Action or Policy Transformation QueensPolitical StudiesFourth Year (Senior)
Multilevel approaches to understanding healthAthabasca UniversityCNHSGraduate
learning in the course thus far. MRUEducationSecond Year (Sophomore)
testTestdeaprtFirst Year (Freshman)
constructing and communicating a legal research strategy for a particular topicQueen'sFaculty of LawGraduate
research guidequeenslawGraduate
Imagining Reconciliation: Indigenous Peoples, Settler Canada, & Resource DevelopmentHarbord Collegiate InstituteSocial & Global StudiesFirst Year (Freshman)
global health issues in low and middle income countriesXXXXGraduate
key global health issues in low and middle income countriesXXXXGraduate
global health programs in low and middle income countriesXXXXGraduate
Nazi AtrocitiesQueen'sBISCThird Year (Junior)
Analysis of a non-profit organizationQueen's UniversitySmith School of BusinessFourth Year (Senior)
abcQueen's UniversitySmith School of BusinessGraduate
creative writingqueens universityphisicsFirst Year (Freshman)
Summative TaskQueen's UniversityContinuing Teacher EducationGraduate
TestingTestTestFirst Year (Freshman)
Cognitive DevelopmentSEMOEARLY CHILDHOODGraduate
Creating a unit plan for a unit in CGW4U World Issues.Queens UniversityEducationGraduate
Planning a Unit (Senior Geography)Queen's UniversityEducation (AQ - Sr. Geography)Graduate
Assessment PracQEducationGraduate
Documenting personal growth in one of the Student Learning Outcomes. Articulating one competency/skill that is embedded in the outcome and creating criteria for success with this skill.Trinity Western UniversityFNDNFirst Year (Freshman)
Data Analysis001001First Year (Freshman)
final unit planQueen's Continuing Teacher EducationContinuing Teacher EducationGraduate
Building a RubricMVNUEducationFirst Year (Freshman)
Reflective WritingUniversity of CalgarySocial WorkGraduate
Science, Technology and SocietyConestoga College ITALSchool of Liberal StudiesFirst Year (Freshman)
Breadth Studies Course RequirementsConestoga College ITALSchool of Liberal StudiesFirst Year (Freshman)
clinic participationOHSURestorative DentistryFirst Year (Freshman)
This assignment is aout the anatomy of the hipCITBiologyFirst Year (Freshman)
bridge failureQueen'sEconomicsFirst Year (Freshman)
Integrated Design and ConstructionCurtin UniversityCivil EngineeringFourth Year (Senior)
process synthesisCurtin UniversityChemical EngineeringThird Year (Junior)
international health University of SydneyMedicineGraduate
impact of mental health on critical care providers University of SydneyMedicineGraduate
Sustainable livelihoodsQueen'sDEVSFourth Year (Senior)
PerceptionCleary University COMM1100First Year (Freshman)
emotional intelligenceCleary University COM1100First Year (Freshman)
Critical Reflection Carleton University Women's and Gender StudiesFourth Year (Senior)
Regional Geograpy Unit PlanQueensTeachingGraduate
Reading MapsJVGeographyFourth Year (Senior)
Designing a unit plan.Senior Geography Culminating ActivityQueen's UnviersityFirst Year (Freshman)
Unit PlanQueens UniversityContinuing EdGraduate
Unit PlanQueen’s UniversityCon’t EdGraduate
Unit PlanQueensContinuing Ed GeographyGraduate
2 Day ItineraryNotre Dame Catholic Secondary SchoolCanadian and World StudiesThird Year (Junior)
2 Day ItineraryNotre Dame Catholic Secondary SchoolCanadian and World StudiesThird Year (Junior)
Unit Planning: World Issues Grade 12 University Preparation Queen's UniversityContinuing EducationGraduate
Unit PlanQueens UniversityContinuing EducationGraduate
Instructional unit designQueen's UniversityFaculty of EducationGraduate
Unit planning for a Senior Geography courseQueens UniversitySenior Geography ABQGraduate
Authentic WritingHighschoolCon-EdGraduate
Travel Itinerary - Where, Why, and How we TravelQueens ABQEduGraduate
Travel Itinerary - Where, Why, and How we TravelQueens ABQEduGraduate
Solving a management problemopmanagementGraduate
Charity CampaigningKingston UniversityCreative & Cultural IndustriesSecond Year (Sophomore)
Paper proposalQueen'sSchool of Urban and Regional PlanningFirst Year (Freshman)
Conducting an action research project in teaching in higher educationAberystwyth UniversityCDSAPGraduate
ideas and experiences in Indigenous and settler histories in connection to planningQueen's UniversityGeography and PlanningGraduate
negotiation strategiesQueen'sASOSecond Year (Sophomore)
Motivational Article ReviewQueen's UniversityMechanical and Materials EngineeringFourth Year (Senior)
Motivational Article ReviewQueen's UniversityMechanical and Materials EngineeringFourth Year (Senior)
political campaigningQueen's UniversityCultural StudiesGraduate
analysing the relationships between our purchases and our contributions to spatial justice in the worldqueensGPPLFirst Year (Freshman)
Analysis of PathosHumber CollegeILO ProjectFirst Year (Freshman)
a critical reflection of Wikipedia and Encyclopedia entries in GeographyQueen's UniversityGeography and PlanningGraduate
Critical Wikipedia and Encyclopedia ComparisonQueens UniversityGeography and PlanningGraduate
trialtrialtrialFirst Year (Freshman)
Group Infographic and PodcastCarleton University Canadian and Indigenous StudiesThird Year (Junior)
Solving construction problemsDunwoody College of TechnologyConstruction ManagementSecond Year (Sophomore)
Solving construction problemsDunwoody College of TechnologyConstruction ManagementSecond Year (Sophomore)
Drawing PresentationDunwoody College of TechnologyInterior DesignFirst Year (Freshman)
Critical Reflection Queen's University Langauge and CultureThird Year (Junior)
Extending Public Health Knowledge in CommunicationUsed it previouslySociologyThird Year (Junior)
developing a process using principles of design thinkingQueen's UniversityASOFirst Year (Freshman)
etiological factors in childhood mental disordersQueen's UniversityPsychologyThird Year (Junior)
Bayesian InferenceQueen'sSchool of ComputingThird Year (Junior)
Critical Film Response Carleton University Indigenous StudiesThird Year (Junior)
LanguageQueen's Universitylanguage literature and cultureFirst Year (Freshman)
Identifying an unknown pigment using microscopyQueen's UniversityArt ConservationGraduate
Identifying an unknown pigment using microscopyQueen's UniversityArt ConservationFourth Year (Senior)
This assignment is about leadership, teamwork, agile process's and diversity Kingston UniversityCreative & Cultural IndustriesGraduate
Hunan UniversityEducation DepartmentGraduate
creative writingHunan UniversityEducation First Year (Freshman)
creating a unit plan for course CGW 4U.Queens UniversityGeographyGraduate
Unit Plan: World Health Issues - CGW4UQueen's UniversityContinuing EducationGraduate
CGW4U Unit 2: Population, It’s Not What It Used to Be.QueensABQGraduate
This assignment is about designing a unit for a senior Geography course, as well as creating a culminating activity for the unit and a successful rubric.CONT772-001 Senior Geography Geography/Continuing EdGraduate
Client Specific ProgramHumber CollegeFHPSecond Year (Sophomore)
Health research and evaluationQueensHealth ScienceGraduate
Research ApproachQueensHealth SciencesGraduate
designing a research literature search protocol Queen's University Public Health Sciences Graduate
PBTMcMasterOccupational TherapyGraduate
Situational problem solvingSulaiman alRajhi School of BusinessManagementFirst Year (Freshman)
Analyzing challenges facing managers in selected functions of managementSulaiman AlRajhi School of BusinessManagementSecond Year (Sophomore)
Valuing BondsCurry CollegeBusinessThird Year (Junior)
Important Topics in Respiratory HealthQueen's UniversityDBMSThird Year (Junior)
Creating a Unit PlanQueen's UniversityEducationGraduate
Presenting their Research ProjectQueen's UniversityGeographyGraduate
skill enhancement in volumetric analysisUtkarsha Junior CollegeChemistryFirst Year (Freshman)
skill enhancement in volumetric analysisUtkarsha Junior CollegeChemistryFirst Year (Freshman)
skill enhancement in volumetric analysisUtkarsha Junior CollegeChemistryFirst Year (Freshman)
Electronic device ScePhysics Fourth Year (Senior)
Electronic device ScePhysics Graduate
Case studyFanshawe CollegeSchool of Health SciencesFirst Year (Freshman)
Case studyFanshawe CollegeSchool of Health SciencesFirst Year (Freshman)
Healthcare Organization AssignmentFanshawe CollegeSchool of Health SciencesFirst Year (Freshman)
ICT galleryUITMARTSThird Year (Junior)
Travel and Tourism Queen's UniversityQueen's Continuing Teachers EducationGraduate
Critical evaluationQueen's UniversityBISCFirst Year (Freshman)
building a databaseTestTest DeptFirst Year (Freshman)
Creating a Unit PlanQueen's UniversityContinuing Education Graduate
Rubric Buildingbellevue collegephilosophyFirst Year (Freshman)
Unit PlanningQueen's UniversityContinuing EducationGraduate
developing a unit plan for a senior level geography course Queens UniversityAdditional Qualification CourseSecond Year (Sophomore)
Geography Unit Plan DesignQueens UniversityContinuing Teacher EducationGraduate
Creating a Unit PlanQueen's UniversityContinuing Education Graduate
Creating a Unit PlanQueen's UniversityContinuing Education Graduate
Unit Planqueen's universitysocial scienceGraduate
Creating a Unit and Culminating ActivityContinuing EdSr. GeographyGraduate
Design a UnitQueens University Senior Geography AQ CourseGeographyGraduate
Technology IntegrationLLCCAIeLFirst Year (Freshman)
Database Resource ListingtesttestFirst Year (Freshman)
javawousstFirst Year (Freshman)
Weekly AssignmentQueen's University Political StudiesThird Year (Junior)