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The Queen's University
Post-Doctoral Fellows Association

Greetings Post-Doctoral Fellows at Queen's University,

It is our immense pleasure to announce the founding of the Queen's University Post-Doctoral Fellows Association (QPA). The Association has its own web site which can viewed here: www.queensu.ca/qpfa. The QPA was founded to provide for the needs of Post-Docs here at Queens's University thus membership is voluntary and completely free. Membership simply entails registering your name, department, email, and phone number with the QPA. All Post-Docs who are interested in this association should contact the QPA directly.

This Association currently has 4 main aims:
  1. Create a support network to welcome new Post-Docs and to help Post-Docs to support themselves.
  2. Provide information relevant to Post-Docs here at Queen's Univ.
  3. Training and development of Post-Docs to aid in the transition from student to faculty.
  4. Representation for Post-Docs at Queen's University didn't even exist until now. We hope, with your help, to provide a strong voice.

We have held an open forum for all Post-Docs in order to explain the steps the QPA has undertaken thus far and to get feedback from Post-Docs on these, and future, developments. Our email list is by no means all-inclusive (~120) so if you know of a Post-Doc who is not on our mailing list, or has not joined our Yahoo! Group, please have them contact us.

The Queen's University Post-Doctoral Fellows Association (QPA). qpfa@queensu.ca

Director of Communications

Brian Coe

Director of Operations

Vinay Singh

Director of Social Welfare and Development

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