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Welcoming New Post-Docs To Queen's University

Welcome Newcomers

For all new incoming Post-Docs we provide a supportive introductory package to help you familiarize yourself with Queen's Univ. and Kingston. Many of you have just arrived in a new town and could use some information on basic needs. Others are new to the country and need a bit more. We hope to have everything here from getting a Social Insurance Number card to finding an English as a Second Language program.

Welcome One and All

We also expect that many of you who have been here for some time will be able to find a good deal of useful information you never heard about before. It would be great if all of you could contribute at least one tidbit of knowldge to this section in order to make it easier for future generations of Post-Docs to settle in and get to work.

Welcome Faculty

If you are recruiting new Post-Docs to your laboratory there are resources available to you.

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