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Social Insurance Number (SIN) Card

The SIN (social insurance number) card is credit card shaped and has a nine digit number allocated to you by the government. If you are a forigener this will start with 917. The number is used by various administration agencies including Canada Revenue Agency (a.k.a. income tax). You will need a SIN card to work in Canada. These cards now have an experation date (which matches your visa experation data) and you will need to renew them in order to get paid.

The quickest way to apply is in person at the local office located at:

299 Concession Street (near the corner of Princess and Division Street)
Kingston, Ontario
K7L 5H5
Phone 1(613)545-8559
Open Mon-Fri 8.30 am 4.00 pm

Take a completed an application form when you visit the local office to help speed up the application process.

And will need to provide original documents proving identity and status in Canada, ie. your passport and work permit/visa and letter of employment/work contract.

Once you have your SIN Number you can now apply for health insurance. We you first arrive you should get health insurance through the university(UHIP) fior thr first 3 months. Once you have done this you must take both to Human Resources at Queens. You will not get paid until you do this.

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