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2007 Apr 17:

Queen's University Travel Awards for Postdoctoral fellows were announced. Congratulations to all successful fellows (100% success rate)

2007 Apr 15:

No news about dental benefits yet.

2007 Apr 01:

Deadline for second round of Queen's University Travel awards for postdoctoral fellows.

2007 Mar 01:

No news about dental benefits yet.

2007 Feb 02:

Issue of postdoctoral fellows at Queen's University not getting dental benefits is widely recognized among all the fellows, faculties and administration. We are waiting for an intervention.

2007 Jan 31:

Ms. Carrey Allen starts as office assistant for QPA. Welcome aboard Carrey.

2006 Nov 15:

First round of Queen's University Travel Awards for Postdoctoral fellows were announced. Congratulations to six successful fellows (100% success rate)

2006 Sep 10:

On request from QPA, Queen's University initiated Travel award for postdoctoral fellow's at Queen's University. We are thankful to Queen's University. For more details visit http://www.queensu.ca/vpr/sources/internal.html

2006 Aug 15:

Charles Diarra is no longer working with QPA. Thanks a lot Charles, we truly appreciate your help. Good luck for your future endeavors.

2006 Aug 08:

New logo of QPA has been released.

2006 Jun 09:

QPA organized "Open House" and formal opening of "QPA Office" at 172, Barrie Street. Dr. Kerry Rowe, Vice Principal (Research) inaugurated the event and unveiled the welcome package for postdoctoral fellows. Dr. Rowe announced that QPA was awarded $22,000 as its operation grant from Queen's University.

2006 May 30:

Dr. Vinay Singh, Director of Operations for QPA gave a presentation during the closing ceremonies of IXth Annual Health Science Trainees day.

2006 May 15:

QPA executive meeting with Ms. Sandra Crocker, Assoc. VP (Research) for planning's and updates.

2006 Mar 10:

QPA execs and postdoctoral fellows met with Dr. Suzanne Fortier, the new president of he Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC), Canada.

2005 Jul 22:

We had our 2nd General Meeting of the Post-Doc Assoc. in the John Deutch Univ. Centre (JDUC), Room 117. After a brief introduction from the Directors of the Executive Committee there was an open forum where Post-Docs could freely discuss their individual needs and ideas

2005 Jun:

We have redesigned our web pages and look forward to serving you better.

2005 Apr:

Welcome to the *all new* QPA website. We will be holding our first committee meetings soon, so please check back here frequently for details. In the mean time we would love to hear from you. So please feel free to contact us with your thoughts, ideas and suggestions.


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