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Animal Care at Queens Unversity

Part of the requirements of Queen's and the University Animal Care committee is that all people working with animals take the on-line 799 course:

QACS-799 - Introduction to Animal Care:
This non-credit WebCT course is entirely online and self-directed. It is offered every semester and is obligatory for all individuals undertaking research, teaching or testing involving the use of vertebrate animals. It should be taken before any animal work is begun. The course will cover ethical and legal obligations related to the use of animals; standards of care; sources of animals; how health and disease affect research data; humane endpoints; principles of anesthesia and recovery surgery. Individuals need to take this seminar only once. Individuals who passed LISC-488 are exempt from QACS 799. Exclusions: LISC-488. Every semester; WebCT; Animal Care Service

In order to set this up you'll need to send an email to Tina Burke tb6@post.queensu.ca (phone: (613)533-6000 x 74588) in the Office of the University Veterinarian.


    Please include your:
  • name
  • student/employee number.
  • your post.queensu.ca mailing address.
  • P.I. name.
  • campus mailing address.

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