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Annual Review 2011

Message from the Director

Time does pass quickly and 2011 was no exception. It seems hard to believe that I have just finished my fifth year as Director of QSoE! I would like to thank our wonderful administrative and instructional staff for everything they do to make our school a continuing success.

We have had a busy and eventful year at Queen’s School of English and we have welcomed students from 24 different countries.   We are also pleased to welcome new agents and new student ambassadors from a variety of countries.  We look forward to working with them in our recruitment efforts.

QSoE and St. Lawrence College (SLC) have undertaken some collaborative recruiting activities which will promote Kingston as a destination for study to international students.   SLC will now offer conditional acceptance to qualified students who wish to study English at QSoE followed by academic studies in a SLC program.

Our QBridge program saw its second successful year, with a select group of students with high academic standing being offered conditional acceptance with an opportunity to polish their academic English before embarking on their undergraduate studies.

QSoE has continued to benefit from a wide pool of community partners who support our Business Internship Program and community Homestay Hosts who welcome students into their homes.  Both of these programs provide a rich cultural experience for our students as they study to improve their English language skills.

In December, we were sorry to say goodbye to our Senior Program Coordinator, Susan Kemp, but we wish her well in her retirement.

Finally, it is my pleasure to let you know that 2012 marks the 70th anniversary of Queen’s School of English!  We would love to hear from you! Please get in touch with us to share a memory by sending a message to qsoe70@queensu.ca.  You can see more information on anniversary events on our website or join our Facebook Page to connect with old friends and colleagues.


Elaine Armstrong
Director, Queen's School of English


Farewell Susan Kemp, Former Senior Program Coordinator

In December 2011 we wished our Senior Program Coordinator, Susan Kemp well as she headed off into her retirement.  Susan was an incredible asset for Queen’s School of English. First and foremost as a gifted teacher, her concern for students’ development and well being was always paramount; the underlying compass which guided all of her actions and decisions.  However, her commitment to others did not stop with students. Susan’s deep sense of caring and responsibility was enjoyed by all with whom she worked. She dedicated herself to building a united staff, and making our work environment a positive, pleasant and welcoming space for everyone.

Susan also worked hard to guide and support instructors, and she spent as much time as possible visiting classes and getting involved with the ‘front line’ teaching. She also made time to meet with and counsel students individually and she spent endless hours behind the scenes mapping out schedules, room bookings, and organizational details.

Susan’s leadership was invaluable in updating and amending our curriculum and policies to ensure they maintained the highest quality.  When enacting policy she always took the time to balance individual needs with policy requirements, ultimately making decisions that were fair and unbiased.

Susan had a very full plate fulfilling her duties at the School of English, but in addition to her work at QSoE, she has a never-ending dedication and love for her family and friends which will continue to keep her very busy in her retirement.  Susan most certainly will be missed by QSoE.

Our thanks and good wishes are extended to Susan as she starts this new chapter of her life.


QBridge 2011

Last June we welcomed a small number of qualified students to the second running of the Queen’s University Bridging program (QBridge). QBridge students are offered conditional admission to undergraduate studies contingent on the successful completion of the program. The 2011 QBridge students all met their language condition and they are now applying their skills in their under graduate degree programs. We wish our QBridge students the best success as they continue in their studies.

As a student who has taken the QBridge program, I would tell future students that the QBridge program is helpful for both their English skills and academic vision. In QBridge, students practice grammar usage and reading strategy, improve communication and writing level, and have an insight on Canadian literature and culture.

I regard the QBridge program as a guide that points students in the right direction to make the transition from high school students to undergraduate students. By taking the QBridge program, students have the opportunity to be familiar with both the Queen’s campus life and the local environment. Moreover, they are provided instruction on assignment format (paper, reports, and presentations). As a result, they will get tips and advice on academic expectations during undergraduate study.

In a word, students learn English, and more importantly, they learn how to improve their English and how to use English as a communication tool in academic activities and daily-life.

-- J.Song, graduate of the Experimental High School attached to Beijing Normal University, former QBridge student and current Queen’s Undergraduate student


QSoE Students in the Community (Business Internship Program)

Kingston Frontenacs, Saki Urakami Princess Animal Hospital, Miki Yoshida

The fall 2011 session of our Business Internship Program ran successfully and wrapped up in December. Nineteen students brought their classroom language and culture learning to life with on-the-job placement experiences.  Internships were completed with our community partner employers on Queen's campus and in the Kingston community. Many previous workplace hosts returned to participate in the program; hosts tell us they are continually impressed by the high caliber of our student interns. We were excited to welcome some new hosts this year including the Kingston Frontenacs; Princess Animal Hospital, Queen's School of Business "Fit to Lead" program; and  VOCEC employment club. Through this experiential learning opportunity, the students enjoyed meeting and working with local Kingstonians as well as learning new skills and expanding their cultural perspectives.


Where our Students Come From (2011)















Where QSoE was in 2011

Every year QSoE representatives travel around the globe to promote our language programs, the beautiful city of Kingston and the many benefits of studying at Queen’s University. This past year, we had the pleasure of meeting a variety of international students, parents, teachers, counselors and educational representatives from Brazil, Korea and Japan.

In Brazil, QSoE participated in the EXPO Estude no Exterior (student education fair) in three cities including Brasilia, Belo Horizonte and Sao Paulo. We also had the opportunity to take part in the very first Imagine Estudar No Canada Fair organized by the Embassy of Canada in Sao Paulo. The recruitment trip was finished off with our participation in the ICEF Latin America Agent Workshop held in Rio de Janeiro where we introduced our language school to over 30 different education agents from all over Latin America.

In the fall, QSoE delivered several information sessions in Japan at one of our longest standing partner schools, Kwansei Gakuin University (KGU). We had the opportunity of speaking to prospective students who were excited to study abroad and alumni who reminisced about their memorable experiences at Queen’s. The trip to Japan was followed by Seoul, South Korea where we participated in a two day Study in Canada Fair for students and professionals held by the Embassy of Canada in S. Korea. We also hosted an alumni luncheon and met with a small group of students including one of our Ambassadors, Jung Ho Ahn. Jung Ho assisted us at the fair by providing translation and sharing his study abroad experience with interested students and their families.

In March, Ms. Armstrong, Director of QSoE attended the 4th annual Languages Canada conference in Montreal where educational representatives from both private and public English and French language institutions come together to exchange ideas and to participate in professional development.

Left image (left to right): D. Luong, QSoE representative and Jung Ho Ahn, Student Ambassador - S. Korea)

Right image: Students attending the Study in Canada Education Fair in Seoul, South Korea


SLC Pathway Program 

​We are delighted to announce a new pathway program with St. Lawrence College (SLC). In addition to the existing English proficiency exam waiver that is already in place for students applying to academic programs at SLC, it is now possible for applicants to SLC to receive conditional acceptance based on completion of their language studies at QSoE. This not only offers a great opportunity for students to study in Kingston, but also allows SLC and QSoE to collaborate on recruitment initiatives. For more information, please contact SLC