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Yvonne Botelho, Brazil

Student Ambassador in BrazilWhat Program(s) did you enroll in? 

English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

How long did you study at QSoE?
6 Weeks

Why did you want to learn English?
Because I work in an international Company and I would like to speak with people from all over the world

What did you like about studying at QSoE?
I could experience studying as a University student

What did you like to do in your spare time in Kingston?
I Like to spend times with my new friends making barbecue on the lake.

What is your favorite restaurant in Kingston?
Jack Astor’s

Name one favourite memory from your time at QSoE?
Living in my Homestay and with my Housemates (Sue and Elsa)

What are your personal experiences? What are you doing now? 
I am an accountant and I love my profession. Last year I was in England where I started studying English, I fell in love with the language and since then I have not stopped.


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