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Socio-cultural Monitor

Queen’s School of English is looking to fill 2-3 part-time Socio-Cultural Monitor positions during the summer months of 2016. 


The position involves a variety of duties, including creating, organizing and running various extra-curricular activities in the afternoons, evenings and weekends, and helping students with cultural adjustment and adaption.

General administrative duties and assistance with clerical duties will also be required.

Monitors must also agree to communicate only in English with students for the duration of the immersion program.

The position is for the summer term: May to August. The rate of pay is $12/hr, including vacation pay.


Queen’s School of English is looking for energetic and enthusiastic applicants who are interested in working with students from a variety of cultural backgrounds during the summer months of 2016.

Applicants should possess cross-cultural experience and be self-motivated, well organized and flexible in the workplace.

Monitors are expected to hold current certification of first aid at the time of assumption of the duties.

All completed application forms are to be sent via email to lott@queensu.ca or brought to the School of English office.

Apply Now (PDF, 242 KB)