Submissions and Correspondence

Submission Guidelines:

Queen's Quarterly is a multidisciplinary journal aimed at the general educated reader. We print unpublished articles, essays, reviews, short stories and poetry. For poetry and fiction, we will consider up to six poems or two stories.

Submissions may be simultaneous but not published elsewhere.

Please note: Submissions over 2500 words will not be considered or accepted.

Articles, essays, and reviews should be sent to the editor and should not exceed 2500 words in length. Accepted articles will follow our house style with regard to general formatting, notes and works cited. We use the Oxford English Dictionary for spelling.

Payment to new writers will be determined at time of acceptance and paid upon publication.

We encourage submissions to be sent by e-mail attachment (no S.A.S.E. required) and will be responded to by same. Please include your mailing address and send your submissions virus free!

Please allow 4 - 8 weeks for submission review.

Submissions can also be sent by hard copy with a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope (if submitting from the US or elsewhere, the S.A.S.E. must have Canadian postage or be accompanied by an International Reply Coupon in order to receive a reply -US or other postage is not valid when mailing from Canada). If accepted, we will require a copy of the accepted submission by e-mail attachment.

Address your submissions to:

Boris Castel, Editor (articles, essays and reviews)
Queen's Quarterly
402 Douglas Library,
Queen's University, 93 University Ave.,
Kingston, Ontario
Canada K7L 5C4
Joan Harcourt, Literary Editor (fiction and poetry)
Queen's Quarterly
402B Douglas Library,
Queen's University, 93 University Ave.,
Kingston, Ontario
Canada K7L 5C4
Telephone 613 533-2667

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding submitting articles, past articles or about the contributing authors.