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Artificial Intelligence
A Promising Future?

     Is a computer capable, like a human, of experiencing emotions (empathy, jealousy, fear)? Can a computer, through cunning, imitate the expression of such emotions for "personal" gain? Allowing for all this to be possible, it would follow necessarily that the computer must not only be self-conscious but also have awareness and understanding of the human mind, in order to know its interlocutors' expectations and anticipate their response. Perhaps the real question is beyond "Can a computer think?" One may ask: "Can a computer be as manipulative, as deceptive, as duplicitous - or as charming, as honest, and as kind as a human can be?"

SELIM G. AKL teaches in the School of Computing at Queen's University, where he leads the Parallel and Unconventional Computation Group.

NANCY SALAY teaches in the Department of Philosophy and the School of Computing at Queen's University.

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