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Santa Fe

     Habits. Simple stuff. Everyone's got them. And speaking of habits - and butts - I was used to keeping my car keys in my back pocket. Twenty-one years, don't forget. I had to give that up. This new key was attached to something like a small paperweight - like a sap a mugger might use - with buttons on it. Every time I left the house to get in the car, the trunk was up. I could lock the car by bending down to put my shoes on. We had two keys. When my wife lost hers, it cost almost three hundred bucks for a replacement. For a key! What's that all about?

     Yeah, I know. Digression. Holden Caulfield flunked Oral Expression in his English class at Pencey Prep because he digressed too much. But he made a good point. Very good point. Sometimes that stuff’s more interesting. I mean, the incidentals. There’s so much we don’t know. Just like him, it’s the way I think. Maybe you do too. My mind keeps making right-angle turns … Till I get back where I started.

TERENCE M. GREEN has been published extensively in Canada and the United States, with seven novels from publishers such as McClelland & Stewart and St Martin's Press, and a short story collection from Nova Scotia's Pottersfield Press. For the past fourteen years, he has taught creative writing in the Department of English and Writing Studies at Western University in London, Ontario.

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