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one of those super cold days
we had after Christmas

I was walking down the road
(the dog was limping on cold feet)

when I swear I saw Vlad Putin
drive by in an SUV

not unlike the one my sister drives -
dark blue, metallic.

He was wearing a dark topcoat and dark tie
and he was smiling

talking to that other Russian
the one with the port wine birthmark

on his head and I felt like an old baba
struggling in the wind with my dog

and I hear Vlad say blood
is only blood when it's your own.

LOUISE CARSON's work has been published here and there, including in The Best Canadian Poetry 2013. Her collection A Clearing was published in 2015. A mystery entitled The Cat Among Us was published in 2017, with a sequel, The Cat Vanishes, following in 2018. Louise lives with her daughter and pets in rural Quebec.

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