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From the Editor

     In this issue of Queen's Quarterly, our contributors focus on the artist's journey through the world. Melinda Price Wiltshire brings us along as she travels the globe and visits many sites that have inspired writers for centuries. Karen Simons reaches back into her own memory, and the collective memory of her family, searching for lost connections as the intervening years blur the lines between dreams and reality. Then Thomas Gerry reflects on the astonishing accomplishments of James Reaney, whose words and symbols still lead us into new dimensions of creativity and understanding.

     Christopher Clausen looks at the history of the gloriously ambitious project that is Esperanto - and recalls that its founder was at least spared from having to witness how his dreams of twentieth-century peace and understanding would be dashed.

     Finally, Steve Lukits shares memories of a close friend, the brilliant artist Turid Hölldobler-Forsyth. Over the course of her eventful life, this painter worked in the worlds of both science and fine arts, and left an extraordinary collection behind. She learned to see the world "from an ant's perspective" and also through the eyes of a gifted visionary. Like many of the greats, she ended up making the whole world - both the massive and the microscopic - her studio.

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