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     "Poets make the best topographers," says W.G. Hoskins in his seminal work The Making of the English Landscape. And Robert Macfarlane, whose writing on place has affected me profoundly, says: "I have long been fascinated by how people understand themselves using landscape, by the topographies of self we carry within us and by the maps we make with which to navigate these interior terrains."

     I dream I’m flying a plane over Uzbekistan in the late afternoon. Below me the Silk Road unwinds past Tashkent, disappearing into a thousand miles of bleached muslin. If the world were a wall map laid flat, this would be the centre of it – Central Asia and the stans. I’m flying away from the sun, toward the Taklamakan Desert. Behind me men of Baghdad bow toward the blue gulf, and Yemen slides into Africa.

MELINDA PRICE WILTSHIRE's fiction, poetry, and reviews have appeared in Grain, the Antigonish Review, the Malahat Review, the Nashwaak Review, and the New Orphic Review, as well as in Brick Books' Celebration of Canadian Poetry. She has a poem forthcoming in Issue 206 of the Malahat Review.

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