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Spots of Time
     The Trouble
          with Memory

     It's just a tiny little fragment tumbling around with other bits and pieces in the kaleidoscope of my imagination. Or at least it used to be. But in order to tell the memory to myself and to you, I draw on family lore for context: the drive to BC, my age at the time, the years since my mother was freed from the prison camps. And as I "remember," I picture myself as I appeared in old slides, images etched on my memory by repetition and by the family stories that accompanied each showing of them …

Having taught and published as an academic for several years, KAREN SIMONS now works as an independent scholar and writer. She has published poetic translations and creative non-fiction in Arion and Queen's Quarterly. Currently, she is working on Time, Faith, and Memory, a project commissioned by the Anglican Diocese of Edmonton.

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