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Memory of a
     Maritime Camp

The horse above the harbour
Never had been ridden they said
Or had been ridden but was now
Broken of the habit.

An old horse; the children
Fell in love with it and fed it anything
It would eat including raspberries, endless
Amounts of raspberries made hard
By the lateness of the season
And dusty with the road.

It requires nice people to raise nice animals
And we were among them; a Bostonian
With an outstanding hatred for the St Louis
Cardinals, but otherwise fine. He had
Motor-homed half the universe
With his wife and why not?
She was nice too.

Hot chocolate was to be had for free
And tea and instant coffee.
The camps were nothing special
But they were cheap. The ocean showed
Between hills on the Digby Neck
And at night whales crossed the harbour
And vented from their blowholes.

Currently a PhD candidate in the humanities at York University, PETER UNWIN is the author of numerous books, stories, essays, and poems. His latest novel, Searching For Petronius Totem, is published by Freehand Books. His story collection Life Without Death was shortlisted for the Trillium Book Award. He lives in Toronto with his wife and two daughters.

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