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Calendar of Events, Workshops & QUBS Outreach

QUBS Community Dinner | QUBS Workshops | QUBS Seminar Series

Many of our Outreach activities, including Eco-Adventure Camp for 10-14 year olds, occur at our Elbow Lake Environmental Education Centre. Situated at the end of Hewlett-Packard Road off North Shore Road, the Centre is on the shores of pristine Elbow Lake embedded within 400 hectares of rugged terrain and varied wetlands and forests.

Activities like our Open House, weekly spring and summer seminar series, and many workshops occur at our main research and teaching facility on the shores of Lake Opinicon, directions for which may be found on our Contact Page.

QUBS Workshops

Fabulous Fall Fungi Workshop 2015 with Richard Aaron

Further details on the Fabulous Fall Fungi workshops and how to register provided here.

Eco-Adventure Camp

Run from July 2nd to August 21st, the camp for young people aged 10-14 focuses on exploring nature and the environment, as well as outdoor activities like hiking and canoeing. It is held at our Elbow Lake Environmental Education facility. For more information visit the Eco-Adventure web site.

QUBS Seminars

Held in the Conference Room in the R.J. Robertson Biodiversity Centre each Wednesday at 7:00 pm. All are welcome! We are just beginning to assemble the roster so please check back.

Date Speaker Talk Title
6 May       Stephen Lougheed
Queen's University
Southern South American Biodiversity: Biogeographic Perspectives on Species Origins.
13 May       William Halliday
University of Ottawa
What ecological factor is most important to habitat selection by northern snakes?
20 May       Steve Lukits
Royal Military College
Mon pays c'est l'hiver: Winter at Opinicon.
27 May       Austin J. Gallagher
University of Mi
ami/Carleton University
Unraveling the mysteries of the largest predator in tropical waters, the tiger shark.
3 June      Chris Elvidge
Carleton University
Dealing with fear: the cognitive ecology of predator-prey interactions.
10 June      Amanda Tracey
Queen's University
Reflecting on seven field seasons at the Queen's University Biological Station.
17 June      Haley Kenyon
Queen's University
Genes vs. culture: Bird song across a hybrid zone.
24 June      Laura Schoenle
Virginia Tech
Avian malaria in red-winged blackbirds: Putting stress to the test.
1 July      Paul Finigan
Queen's Universi
Littoral fish community changes in Southeastern Ontario.
8 July      David Clark
The Catholic University of America
Bones of contention - zooarchaeology and interpreting past human foodways.
15 July      Adam Meyer
Queen's University
The fitness consequences of daily vertical migration: What controlling behaviour with robots can tell us about the maintenance of behavioural diversity in Daphnia.
22 July      Bruce Gray
Operations Officer for Diving at Environment Canada
How to blow bubbles and make a career out of it - Scientific diving and research in Canada.
29 July      James Sinclair
Queen's University
Strength in size or numbers – disentangling the factors involved in the establishment of non-native species.
5 August     Julia Colm
Queen's University
 Ecology of imperiled grass pickerel: Predicting distributions and examining factors in their decline.
12 August     Jim Austin
University of Florida
Life is a beach: Conservation research on an endangered beach mouse.
19 August    Marvin Gunderman
McMaster University
Spineless creatures: Their fantastic and curious world.
26 August    

Steve Lougheed
Queen's University

My favourite species and why.

QUBS Community Dinner