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Calendar of Events, Workshops & QUBS Outreach

QUBS Community Dinner | QUBS Open House | QUBS Workshops | QUBS Seminar Series

The Queen's University Biological Station is moving to a new website, qubs.ca. Please update any bookmarks or resources you have! You can find the new version of this page at qubs.ca/events, and a list of upcoming events at qubs.ca/events/list.

Many of our Outreach activities, including Eco-Adventure Camp for 10-14 year olds, occur at our Elbow Lake Environmental Education Centre. Situated at the end of Hewlett-Packard Road off North Shore Road, the Centre is on the shores of pristine Elbow Lake embedded within 400 hectares of rugged terrain and varied wetlands and forests.

Activities like our Open House, weekly spring and summer seminar series, and many workshops occur at our main research and teaching facility on the shores of Lake Opinicon, directions for which may be found on our Contact Page.

QUBS Workshops

Herpetology Workshop

Fabulous Fall Fungi Workshop


























2016 Workshop Details and How to Apply


Eco-Adventure Camp

Run from July 4th to August 26th, the camp for young people aged 10-14 focuses on exploring nature and the environment, as well as outdoor activities like hiking and canoeing. It is held at our Elbow Lake Environmental Education facility. For more information visit the Eco-Adventure web site.

QUBS Seminars

Held in the Conference Room in the R.J. Robertson Biodiversity Centre each Wednesday at 7:00 pm. All are welcome! We are just beginning to assemble the roster so please check back.


Date Speaker Talk Title
4 May       Chris Elvidge
Carleton University
Environmental factors shape the five personality axes
Special Seminar Mon 9 May 1pm      Nann Fangue
University of California - Davis

Physiological and behavioral approaches to studying threatened and endangered fishes.

11 May       Greg Bulté
Carleton University
The sex life of the northern map turtle: what goes on above and below the surface.
18 May       Pedro Antunes
Algoma University

New beginnings – plant - soil microbe interactions and non-native species introductions.

25 May       Laura Schoenle
Virginia Tech
Surviving or thriving with malaria? The role of stress hormones in mediating resistance and tolerance to infection in wild birds.
1 June      Maggie Bartkowska
Queen's University
Identifying causes of natural selection and assessing how asexual reproduction influences selection on genome-wide diversity.
8 June      Steve Lougheed
Queen's University
Genetic insights into conservation of Ontario snake species at risk.
15 June      Ivana Schoepf
Virginia Tech
Habitat saturation and reproductive competition influence sociality in an African mammal.
22 June      Lisa Belden
Virginia Tech
Community ecology of the amphibian skin microbiome.
29 June      Dave Beresford
Trent University
Insect trapping adventures.
6 July      Rachael Hornsby
Queen's University
Investigating the impacts of competitive fishing on Black Bass populations in Lake Ontario through mark recapture and acoustic telemetry.
13 July      Robert Dick
Canadian Scotobiology Group Inc.
Royal Astronomical Society of Canada
The biological impact of artificial light.
20 July      Catherine Dale, Amanda Tracey & Sarah Wallace
Queen's University
The truth about stories: Adventures from the field.
27 July      Evaristo Hernández-Fernández
University of Guadalajara, Autlán de Navarro
The Art of Nature.
3 August     Julie Claussen
University of Illinois
Tracking the golden fish in the mountains of Bhutan.
10 August     Michael Clarke
La Trobe University, Australia
17 August    Manisha Kulkarni
University of Ottawa
24 August    

Amanda Cicchino
Queen's University



Open House

Our annual Open House will be on Sunday June 26th from noon to 3:00 pm. Please come join us to learn about new research, teaching and outreach initiatives. Tour our facilities and take short nature walks. Meet our researchers, students and staff. Light refreshments and snacks will be available.


QUBS Community Dinner

Information to come.