As your current Rector, Nicholas hopes to be a positive and reassuring voice to the Queen's campus. His journey to his term in Office was not brief and has been a part of defining the approach he takes to representing the student body. After placing second in a Rector election in his first year, Nicholas kept connected with the student issues and advocacy without holding a title. During this time, he found himself volunteering almost a year of work for a youth entrepreneurship organization known as Impact Entrepreneurship Group. When the position of Rector became vacant in 2011, Nicholas built a new team and executed another campus-wide campaign.

Nicholas' approach to the role is often entrepreneurial with one question guiding him through every situation; what is best for all students? It is known among people close to him that his locations consist of the Rector's office in the J.D.U.C. or somewhere very close by on campus. If you pass by him, make sure to flash a smile or say hello! You are encouraged to knock or walk in with any concern you have, even if it is just needing a place to sit and talk with someone who will listen.