News - April 2, 2013

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Dear Students,

The Agnes Benidickson Tricolour Award Selection Committee has concluded its deliberations and selected this year's recipients for the award.

Admission to the Tricolour Society through the Agnes Benidickson Tricolour Award is the highest honour given to a Queens student for non-academic, nonathletic activities. Recipients are chosen by their fellow-students. The award is named after Dr. Agnes Benidickson who was Chancellor of Queens University from 1980 until 1996. It is bestowed in recognition of the valuable and distinguished service of outstanding individuals to the University.

Heartfelt congratulations to this year's inductees to the prestigious Tricolour Society:

Ben Frid (Meds '15)
Caileigh Simpson (PHE '13)
Chi Yan Lam (Artsci '08, BScH '09, MEd '11, PhD '15)
Jeffrey McCarthy (Con-Ed '12)
Kieran Slobodin (Artsci '12)
Naomi Rosenfeld (Artsci '13)
Rico Garcia (Artsci '13)
Sean Robinson (Artsci '13)

Biographies for each recipient will be posted shortly.

We had a large pool of nominees this year who were all quite phenomenal individuals and made this year's committee's work difficult. Thank you to all of those nominees that participated in the selection process and to those nominators and supporters who submitted materials for respective nominees. If you were nominated for the award and would like to have a copy of your nomination package, please email:

Princeps Servusque Es,

Nicholas Francis
Rector of Queen's University