Terms of Reference

    Section 6, Part B: Agnes Benidickson Tricolour Award (Updated October 2014)


    A. Definitions

    1. There shall be a society called the Tricolour Society of Queen’s University; hereinafter called the Tricolour Society.


    B. Criteria

    2. Admission to the Tricolour Society shall be regarded as the highest tribute that can be paid to a student for valuable and distinguished service to the University in non-athletic, extra-curricular activities. Such service may have been confined to a single field, or it may have taken the form of a significant contribution over a wide range of activities. Those admitted to the Tricolour Society shall receive the Agnes Benidickson Tricolour Award. Any student at the University may submit a nomination. Examples of contributions that could be used to justify a nomination are exceptional leadership over a group or club, founding or renewing a service that fills a gap needed on campus, cumulative service over time, and/or inspiring or initiating positive change for the University. Those admitted to the Tricolour Society shall receive the Agnes Benidickson Tricolour Award.


    3. Admission to the Tricolour Society shall be limited to students of the University. The number of students to be admitted to the Society each year shall be decided by the selection committee. Admission shall not be granted simply because a person holds or has held a certain position or office on campus.


    4. As the Chair of the committee and one who confers this award, the Rector shall not be eligible to be nominated while they hold office.


    C. Selection Committee Composition and Mandate

    5. The selection committee shall represent a wide cross-section of the student body and therefore no more than one (1) Executive member of the Alma Mater Society and one (1) Executive member of the SGPS may be appointed by any society as a representative to the committee. A representative may serve on the committee no more than twice. The committee shall be composed of the following representatives:


    (i) one appointee of the Arts and Science Undergraduate Society


    (ii) one appointee of the Engineering Society


    (iii) one appointee of the Society for Graduate and Professional Students


    (v) one appointee of the Commerce Society


    (vii) one appointee of the Aesculapian Society


    (viii) one appointee of the Nursing Science Society


    (xi) one appointee of the MBA Students’ Society


    (xii) one appointee of the Concurrent Education Students’ Association


    (xiii) one appointee of the Physical Education/Kinesiology Students’ Society


    (xiv) one appointee of the Computing Students Association


    (xiv) the University Rector, who shall serve as chair


    (xv) the Honorary President as an ex-officio adviser


    6. The committee shall ensure it has established a thorough understanding of all relevant campus organizations and activities so as to establish its ability to make informed selections from among the nominations.


    D. Selection Process

    7. Nomination packages must be submitted to the Office of the Rector via print or digitally by email. Packages must include five to eight letters of recommendation for each nominee, plus one letter per nominator for a maximum of 10.


    8. Upon nomination, candidates will be asked to submit a list of activities that they have been involved with at Queen’s University, along with a list of individuals who may comment on their performance in said activities. The committee is not limited only to contacting those references provided by the candidates.


    9. After reviewing the nomination packages for each candidate, the committee will conduct formal interviews of selected candidates. Following this, if thought necessary by the committee, informal contact with candidates may take place in the form of a small social gathering attended by all candidates and committee members.


    10. Students admitted to the Tricolour Society shall be awarded a plaque, emblematic of the high honour conferred upon them in admission to the Tricolour Society. Where possible, the plaque shall be presented to them at Convocation by the Rector and Chancellor. The cost of these awards shall be borne equally by the Society and the SGPS.