Chi Yan Lam (Artsci '08, BScH '09, MEd '11, PhD '15)

There are few students who truly serve their community in the capacity that Chi has. Since his first year at Queen’s, Chi has been heavily involved in residence life through a variety of positions. His commitment to residence life has left a great impact over a seven year period, but his time as a residence don for the past five years is an achievement in itself. Many students would know him better as “Papa-Chi,” which speaks volumes to his status as a caring leader for residents and fellow dons. After joining the graduate population at Queen’s, he has been heavily involved in Education Graduate Student Society. In the multitude of representational roles that Chi has held for the Education Graduate Student Society, he consistently approached these commitments with an emphasis on relationship building and collegiality. Chi has been a staple in several Orientation Weeks at Queen’s as a mentor and leader for fellow dons, he has been described as an expert in supporting students’ transition from high school to university life. Over his tenure as a residence don, Chi has been a vocal advocate for the increased ability of residences’ to respond to issues of mental health and non-academic discipline. By starting up a social venture with the mission of providing affordable and accessible first aid training to over 500 Queen’s students, Chi has made the campus a much safer place to live, work, and play. The breadth and depth of Chi’s service to the Queen’s community is incalculable and the student community has been improved because of his efforts while studying here. His passion, commitment, warmth, and long-term endeavours for Queen’s have made it a better place for all students.