Isabelle Duchaine (Artsci '14)

To say that Isabelle is passionate about student rights and advocacy would be a decided understatement. Her relentless commitment to working on behalf of the students of Queen’s University has led her to be widely admired by her peers and regarded as a genuine student leader. As the Academic Affairs Commissioner (AAC) of the AMS, she advocated for a fair tuition fee framework for Ontario students, presenting a vision for affordable and accessible post-secondary education to the Standing Committee on Finance and Budgeting for the Government of Ontario. Isabelle has served on over 30 committees within the University, with the majority of her work concentrating around academic development. The level of commitment that Isabelle displayed as the AAC greatly exceeded the job expectations. Peers and colleagues of Isabelle speak of her profound understanding of the challenges facing the post-secondary sector and specifically note her ability to clearly articulate credible solutions to world-class faculty and senior administration. Her passion for academic quality is especially evident through her countless meetings with individual students to discuss their academic grievances as she worked diligently to ensure that these students were informed of their academic rights. Perhaps even greater than the contributions made through the various positions Isabelle has held is the time and effort she has devoted to nurturing a generation of new leaders. Her fervent belief in the importance of developing and encouraging the next generation of student leadership will leave Queen’s in good hands. Moreover, her dedication to fostering the potential in others is a true representation of the Tricolour spirit. In her current position as Chair of the Student Senate Caucus, Isabelle has been consistently an incredibly tenacious and compassionate leader who always made time for her fellow students; she is widely respected and trusted by her fellow students. Stories of Isabelle’s advocacy for excellence throughout the Queen’s learning environment and her willingness to selflessly support her peers will live on in the minds and experiences of students for generations to come. It is the latter that will be her greatest legacy.