Jeffrey McCarthy (Con-Ed '12)

Not many students have demonstrated immense dedication to extracurricular life at Queen’s University like Jeffrey McCarthy has. He has worked tirelessly with First Years Not In Residence, as AMS Clubs Manager, and in his personal time to make the Queen’s experience more engaging and enjoyable for everyone. Throughout his time at Queen’s, Jeffrey has given back to the FYNIRS community as an Orientation Leader, a Chair, and as the Finance and Communications Executive. His hard work and dedication to making the transition for incoming students is well demonstrated by the massive increase in first-year attendance, and upper year volunteering. He has paved the way for the growing FYNIRS community at Queen’s. As AMS Clubs Manager, he has been incredibly approachable and passionate about clubs at Queen’s. He is always working hard to improve AMS Clubs or starting initiatives to help get clubs started. His inclination to be inclusive improve engagement among students led to the creation of the Board Games Club. As founder and president, he funded the club with money from his own pocket so that students had a place to meet and share their interest for board games. As a community builder, his passion for creating, refining, and expanding opportunities for students shines through in everything that he has done at Queen’s. His selfless devotion to the inclusion of everybody and anybody brands him as a distinguished leader at Queen’s University.