Kieran Slobodin (Artsci '12)

Kieran has exemplified an unique type of leadership that has transcended the responsibilities of the many positions he has held at Queen’s. Over his five years here, Kieran served as an AMS Intern to the Academic Affairs Commissioner (AAC), AMS Academic Affairs Commissioner Deputy, Academic Affairs Commissioner, and Vice-President of University Affairs for the AMS. As the AMS AAC Deputy and subsequently the AMS AAC, Kieran had a profound impact on the AAC portfolio where academic grievances were concerned. When Kieran was elected Vice-President of University Affairs for the AMS, he worked tirelessly on a variety of initiatives that have since left a huge imprint on the student community. His highlighted projects include leading the development of a new AMS website, creating the Commission of Environment and Sustainability, and serving as lead AMS representative on the university’s Alcohol Policy review and Non-Academic Discipline Review. Above all, Kieran is a campus leader that a great number of students look to for advice, encouragement, and inspiration. This has been evident during his fifth year of undergraduate study, as many students at large and student leaders have sought counsel from Kieran. Serving in no official capacity to support these students, Kieran has committed immeasurable amounts of time to every student whilst asking nothing in return. This truly speaks to his character as someone who is supportive of his fellow peers and willingness to dedicate substantial time for the cultivation of a better Queen’s. Kieran’s legacy is the mark he will leave on Queen’s as he departs onto the next stage of his life. It is the large number of students he has impacted during his time here who will undoubtedly continue caring for others and enhancing the Queen’s experience for their peers.