Naheed Yaqubian (Law '14)

The extraordinary initiative that Naheed has taken to identify and address issues within the Faculty of Law and the broader Queen’s community is indicative of her inspiring social consciousness and ardent concern for others. While Naheed is known to be a multi-dimensional individual with a variety of interests and a plethora of skills, it is her desire to advocate for and improve the mental health of her peers that led her far beyond the call of duty. Her recognition of a gap in mental health peer support services within the Faculty of Law compelled her to create the “Happyness Project,” which now provides a safe environment for students to connect and to share freely on the topic of mental health. This project has become a contributing factor to the long process of eliminating stigma of mental health and has greatly increased awareness of the issue in the Faculty of Law. Her influence has extended far beyond the Queen’s campus. Naheed has had a huge impact on law schools across the province through her founding of the Law Students Society of Ontario. She was inspired to create this provincial body after learning of the articling crisis that is facing the province. Her initiative has elevated the voices of law students in Ontario and has empowered them to advocate as a collective for their academic and professional needs, significantly assisting law students attending Queen’s. In her final year of studies, Naheed was elected to serve as the Law Student Society President and has done so with distinction. Her achievements in the role include: the implementation of a plan to create institutional memory for the society, rebranding the society, and designing the new “Diversity Project” that seeks to improve diversity within the Faculty of Law and Queen’s. Naheed’s affinity for innovation; her willingness to act in the best interests of others; her remarkable empathy and her continuing commitment to enhancing the well-being and success of her peers make her a very deserving recipient of the Tricolour Award.