Erin Smith (Law and MBA student graduating Spring 2012)


    Erin Smith’s contributions to student life at Queen’s University speak to her incredible dedication and passion for a more equitable, safer, and cohesive Queen’s community. Before serving as the co-commissioner for the Law Society Equity Committee, Erin launched Positive Space training and office hours. She also started new initiatives including a soft incentive program called “Sober Socializing” which partners with other student groups to hold non-alcohol focused social events. Colleagues and fellow students have described Erin as a strong leader who is “incredibly supportive and encouraging.” As a driving force in the Law School at Queen’s, Erin has begun to break through the “notoriously insulated” law community and aggrandize their equity efforts to the greater community. Along with new initiatives started by Erin, she has laid groundwork for a sustainable future for the Law School Equity Committee by re-writing their constitution. Her efforts have greatly improved our Queen’s community during her University career and due to her long-term planning; students will continue to benefit from her commitment and hard work for years to come.