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Queen's University

For Graduates 


We want you to make the most of this memorable day.

To ensure that your Convocation is the most enjoyable experience possible, there are a few necessary steps for you to take:  

Planning your upcoming trip to Kingston and the Queen's Campus?


The City of Kingston routinely conducts road construction and repairs during the year.


For a current list of road projects, including closures and delays, please visit the City's website at:

Are you an aboriginal student graduating this Spring?


The Four Directions Aboriginal Student Centre would like to hear from you.


Contact the Centre by e-mailing or by calling 613.533.6970


The deadline is Friday, May 15th, 2015.



Please note: Some of the people present suffer from sensitivities due to scented products. We kindly request that you consider refraining from wearing scented products to this event.


  • Hood and Gown Rentals





    The Alma Mater Society (AMS) rents academic hoods and gowns online to graduating students. Online rental costs are $30.00 for undergraduate and Master's regalia, and $35.00 for Ph.D. regalia.


    Rentals for Spring 2015 Convocation are able to be made online via the AMS Hood and Gown website at in advance of those ceremonies. 


    If you miss the posted deadline for renting hoods and gowns online, they can still be rented at convocation at the rate of $55.00 for undergraduate and Master's, and $60.00 for Ph.D's.




    On the day of your convocation, please arrive at Kingston Hall one hour before the ceremony to pick up your prepaid hood and gown. Please bring your Student Card, or government issued Photo ID (Driver's Licence, Health Card, Citizenship Card, etc.), and the rental confirmation number.


    If you did not rent online, please bring your Student ID, or Photo ID, and a cash payment.




     How to book your hood and gown  Returning Regalia



    Hoods and Gowns can now be rented online from the AMS. Please go to:


    Online ordering begins on Monday, December 1st, 2014 at 10:00 a.m. EST, and closes:

    • Ceremonies 1-4: Thursday, May 7th, 2015 at 11:59 p.m. (EST)
    • Ceremonies 5-21: Monday, May 18th, 2015 at 11:59 p.m. (EST)

    If you miss the online ordering deadline, you may still rent your hood and gown the day of your ceremony. Please note, however, that prices will be higher with same day rentals.  


    The schedule for Hood and Gown Rental Pickups for Spring 2015 will also be posted here when it becomes available.




    Items must be returned immediately after the ceremony. Kingston Hall will be open for returns for 1.5 hours following each ceremony. Attendees will be charged the following rates for unreturned or damaged regalia:


    • Bachelor's/Master's Robe $72.00
    • Full Fit Robe $110.00
    • Bachelor's Hood $43.50
    • Master's Hood $48.75
    • PhD Robe $300.00
    • PhD Hood $103.50
  • Ceremony Tickets 



     Deadline to Order



    Graduates must reserve seating for their guests for ceremonies during Spring 2015 Convocation. This is done via the SOLUS Student Centre.


    Information on specific ticket limits for each ceremony is available on the Spring 2015 Convocation schedule page.


    Your deadline to order guest tickets and/or make changes to your attendance decision is:


    School of Business (no tickets) May 12, 2015
    School of Medicine (no tickets) May 12, 2015
    School of Graduate Studies May 12, 2015
    Faculty of Education May 14, 2015
    Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science May 14, 2015
    School of Nursing May 18, 2015
    Faculty of Law (no tickets) May 14, 2015
    School of Religion May 18, 2015
    Faculty of Arts and Science May 18, 2015



    ** Additional Ticket Requests **

    In late May, you will be contacted if your request for additional tickets was unsuccessful. With the limited capacity of Grant Hall, we are not expecting that there will be extra tickets for all ceremonies. Please review the information below regarding our viewing room in Kingston Hall.


    Ordering your Guest Tickets via SOLUS
     Please be advised that PeopleSoft services, including the SOLUS Student Center, are NOT supported by Google Chrome. When initiating your Application for Graduation (ordering guest tickets, etc.), it is recommended that you use an alternate web browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox).



    1. Click on the “My Academics” link located in the Academics section of your introductory SOLUS profile page
    2. In the Graduation section (3rd box), select the link labelled “Maintain Convocation Details

    3. You should find a page which will outline aspects of your application, including when the scheduled ceremony will take place, and whether your application has been received.

    4. Dropdown menus will allow you to change your attendance status for the ceremony ('Will Attend' or 'Not Attending'). 

    5. In this screen, you are required to reserve seating for your guests. Information on specific guest limits for each ceremony will be posted on the Convocation schedule page.  

     Ticket Pickup Schedule


    Graduates (or their delegate) will be required to pickup and sign for their tickets in person at Room 125, Gordon Hall (74 Union Street) as per the following schedule:


    Monday, June 1st to Thursday, June 11th (excluding Saturday and Sunday) - 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


    * Open at 8:00 a.m. on June 3, 4, 8, 9, 10 & 11

    * Closed at 6:30 p.m. on June 3, 4 and 9.


    NOTE: Tickets are non-transferable



    Other options for viewing the ceremonies


    For those unable to secure seating in Grant Hall for the ceremonies, we provide two options for viewing.


    There is a viewing room located at Room 101, Kingston Hall (adjacent to Grant Hall) where ceremonies are simulcast live on a large screen.


    For those unable to travel to either the Queen's campus, or Kingston, ceremonies are broadcast live via our website at:




  • Special Needs





    We are committed to ensuring that all of our Convocation participants - graduands, guests and faculty - experience a day that is enjoyable, as well as memorable. 


    We recommend that you arrive as early as possible, and no later than 30 minutes prior to the start of the ceremony. Doors open 90 minutes prior to each ceremony. Arriving early ensures that you will receive suitable seating before the Procession, which begins 15 minutes prior to the start time.


    For those attending who have specific needs prior to, and during, the convocation ceremonies, we offer the following information and services: 


     Hearing Equipment

     Campus Accessibility

    Hearing devices (TELELOOPS) are available inside the front entrance of Grant Hall for each ceremony. No reservations are required.


    For individuals (graduands and/or guests) requiring the services of a sign language interpreter, please submit a Special Needs Form detailing your request. We would ask that requests be made as early as possible in order to facilitate arrangements.

    Queen's University continually strives to improve accessibility on campus.


    The University has developed an online Accessibility Guide intended to help students, faculty, staff and visitors to the campus.


    The link to this page can be found at:


    Special Needs Seating Form


    If a graduate or a guest attending Convocation has a disability, seating can be reserved by completing our online form, which can be located by selecting the link to this page:


    Special Needs Form



  • Parking



     Free Parking

     Paid Parking


    On Campus

    During Convocation, all Queen's surface "Permit Required" parking lots and "Permit Required" on-street parking spaces provide free parking during Convocation ceremonies.




    Payment is still required in all City of Kingston on-street metered parking spaces and 'Pay and Display' zones.


    Please respect special needs parking spaces and fire lanes.


    Underground Parking


    A paid underground parking lot is located on Stuart Street (at the corner of University Avenue).


    Please respect special needs parking spaces and fire lanes.



    'Pay and Display' Meters

    Payment is required at all City of Kingston on-street parking meters and in the municipal parking lots on the waterfront. Meters will accept coins or credit cards.


    Please Note: Hourly rates will vary according to location.




  • When and Where to Arrive





    Please consult the convocation dates schedule to determine which ceremony you are to attend, as well as the pickup schedule below for the appropriate time to obtain your hood and gown.


    We require graduands to be gathered in their designated assembly room in Kingston Hall no later than 9:15 a.m. for the morning ceremonies and no later than 1:45 p.m. for the afternoon ceremonies.


    Ceremonies last approximately 1.5 to 2 hours.


    Before going to your assembly room, please give yourself sufficient time (we recommend 90 minutes) to do the following:


    1. Come to Kingston Hall to pick up your prepaid hood and gown, or rent your regalia; and,


    2. Pick up your program and name card in Kingston Hall.


    3. Check your personal belongings in the Security Coat Check room.


    PLEASE NOTE: If you are arriving late, you may miss the academic procession, and may not receive your diploma at the ceremony.

  • What to Bring


    In order to make your day go smoothly, we recommend that you bring the following items with you to Convocation:


    • Your photo identification (Student ID, or government issued ID, such as a Driver's Licence or Health Card)
    • Cash payment for Hood and Gown rental if you did NOT book regalia in advance
    • Mints or throat lozenges
  • Photographs







    To mark this special day in the lives of our graduands, we offer the opportunity to arrange commemorative photographs  - both formal and informal - during Convocation:






    Can Grad Studios (416.253.6466 ) are at the ceremony to take a picture of the graduands. Proofs will be mailed to each student shortly after the ceremony, with the option to purchase. Please make sure the Registrar's Office has the graduating student’s current mailing address on file.


    Taylor Photographic Studios (613.541.1098 , Toll Free: 1.888.484.9558 ) will be set up in Kingston Hall on the day of each ceremony. This is a wonderful opportunity to get a professional photograph of the graduand on his or her own, or with family and friends. Proofs can be viewed online with the option to purchase.



    To ensure that everyone in attendance can view the ceremony, we would kindly ask that family and friends take pictures from their seats.


    After the ceremony, pictures can be taken on the premises, or at any number of scenic locations on the Queen's campus. Some of the most popular locations include the exterior of Grant Hall, and Summerhill.

  • Diploma Frames / Replacements
    Diploma Frames Diploma Replacements

    Diploma and graduation photo frames are available to purchase online.


    Diploma frames are priced between $100 and $205 plus taxes. Frame sales will be located in Kingston Hall after each ceremony.


    Frames can be viewed and ordered at


    Please direct any inquiries to Alumni Relations at 1.800.267.7837 (locally at 613.533.2060 ) or by  e-mail to


    Those wishing to order a replacement diploma can do so by accessing this form.


    Diploma Replacement Request Form (43 KB)


  • Special Hooding Requests








    The practice of allowing Special Hooding during Convocation ceremonies is governed by the following policy.

     Senate Committee on Academic Procedures - Guidelines for Special Hooding 

    The practice of special hooding arrangements is highly desirable.  It adds warmth and a personal touch to the ceremony and does not delay the proceedings.  It is recommended that there be no substantial change to the existing policy; however, to ensure that the situation is equitable and consistent among Faculties and Schools, the following is recommended:


    1.  The privilege of special hooding is normally extended to Queen's faculty, members of the Board of Trustees, and  senior administrative staff to hood close family members (e.g., children, spouses, parents, grandparents, grandchildren, etc.)  This privilege may also be extended to academic faculty members from other universities.  Graduate supervisors may only in exceptional circumstances hood their students.


    2.  A request for special hooding, which includes assurance from the student involved that he/she is agreeable, should be submitted in writing to the Office of the University Registrar, Student Records and Services at least two weeks before the scheduled convocation.


    3.  The Associate University Registrar (Student Records and Services) and University Registrar, in consultation with the Dean of the Faculty/School where necessary or appropriate, have the responsibility to consider and approve recommendations with due consideration to:


    a) enhancing the convocation experience for the student concerned,


    b) ensuring reasonable consistency of practice across Faculties/Schools; and,


    c) preventing undue interference with the convocation ceremony.



Kingston, Ontario, Canada. K7L 3N6. 613.533.2000