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Identifying an Emergency Contact


Many students at Queen's have arrived from great distances, and may be away from guardians, parents and other family during their studies.

Identifying a contact is a simple process in the SOLUS Student Center, and extremely important should the University need to contact someone on your behalf in case of an emergency.

Please note that assigning someone access to your financial and/or academic records is not the same as identifying an Emergency Contact. In order to grant someone other than just yourself with access to your financial and/or academic record you still need to provide a Release of Information authorization under the Personal Information section of SOLUS

  • Identifying your Emergency Contact
    Select the "Emergency Contact" hyperlink (2nd link), located in the 'Personal Information Section of your SOLUS Main Page.


    You will be taken to a screen where you will be able to edit an existing Primary Emergency Contact, by selecting either select edit or delete.


    You can also choose to add a new contact by clicking on 'Add an Emergency Contact'.





    In this screen, you will be asked to provide the name, address, phone number, and relationship of your Primary Emergency Contact.

    You can click on the box 'Same address as individual' if this applies.


    If not, a link labelled 'Edit address' will appear, and you can enter their address.


    You can also edit / add the telephone number for your contact.


    When completed, click on the 'Save' icon.





    Once you have saved your information, a confirmation screen will appear.

    Clicking on 'OK' will return you to the 'Emergency Contact' screen in Step 2.


    If you wish to edit the information further, you may repeat the processes outlined on this page. If you are satisfied, you may click on 'Student Center' on the far left navigation menu, and return to your SOLUS main page.

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