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Queen's University

Exam Information

Here you can find information on when and where exams will be, as well as how to fix exam conflicts.

Click here to review our procedure regarding exam cancellations due to University Closure for Inclement Weather

Important Messages

You must have a Queen’s Student Photo ID Card to gain entrance to an exam room.  YOU MUST BRING YOUR QUEEN'S STUDENT PHOTO ID TO ALL OF YOUR EXAMS.  Students writing an exam without a Queen's Student Photo ID will be assessed a fine of $50.00 per exam.

  • Safety threats in exam halls will be thoroughly and diligently assessed and occupants of the building will be informed, if the circumstances warrant.
  • Exams that are evacuated with more than 30 minutes remaining in the exam period will resume if the venue is declared safe within a reasonable amount of time. Instructors will be notified as soon as possible and will have the responsibility to decide how to deal with the interruption and its effect on the exam. In all cases, information will be posted on the departmental web site as soon as possible after a disrupted exam.
  • Food and drinks (except water - see below) are not permitted in the examination hall.
  • Use of communication and electronic devices with memory and/or audio capabilities and/or web-access is prohibited during an examination. All electronic devices must be turned off and placed underneath the candidate’s seat.
  • Handbags, purses, and book bags are not permitted in an exam hall. Students should only bring essential items to the exam. The University assumes no responsibility for personal property lost in or near any exam hall.  It is strongly urged that all valuables be left in the student's place of residence during the period of exams.
  • Students may bring (transparent recommended) bottled water in to the exam halls.  
  • **NOTE**:  Correspondence exams at off-campus test sites often have different AM and PM start times.


Exam Timetable


The Winter 2015 Exam Schedule will be posted in the SOLUS Student Centre on February 13th, 2015:

1. On your SOLUS main page, under the ‘Academics’ section, click on the ‘other academic…’ dropdown menu;

2. ‘Exam Schedule’ will be the 11th menu item listed. Click on it, then click on the ‘Go’ icon;

3. From this screen, you will be able to view your Exam Timetable listing any centrally scheduled exam sittings

4. Students with accommodations must refer to the email(s) sent from the Exams Office (by the last day of class) with the details for date, time and location of their exam(s).

NOTE: For students registered in CDS courses, only the on-campus exam location shows. If you have made arrangements with the CDS office to write in an off-campus location, refer to SOLUS for the date and time of your exam only.


The Winter 2015  Exam Schedule will be posted  in the Faculty Centre on February 13th, 2015:

  1. Login to PeopleSoft using your NetID and password.  If you are unsure how to do this, please contact your department or faculty office for assistance.
  2. Click on Self Service
  3. Click on Faculty Center
  4. Click on My Schedule
  5. Your exam schedule appears right below My Teaching Schedule.
  6. If you would like visual aids, please go to:
  7. Further information for instructors can be found on the ASC website at:


The Winter 2015  Exam Schedule in PeopleSoft will only be accessed by students (in SOLUS) and faculty (in the Faculty Centre) as of February 13th.  Please refer to the final timetable that will be sent by email.

Per Senate regulations, the schedule is final when posted. Sessional dates are posted here. 



The Exams Office will resolve the following conflicts for any exam listed on this timetable:

  • two exams at the same time
  • an exam at the same time as a religious observance; or
  • an exam in three consecutive exam slots within 24 hours.

INDIVIDUAL arrangements are made for EACH STUDENT. You MUST complete an application to the Exams Office for an accommodation for an official exam conflict.

The deadline to apply for accommodation of an official exam conflict is:

  • November 7th for Fall exams
  • March 7th for Winter exams, and
  • June 7th for Spring and Summer exams

    Exam Conflict Application (291 KB)

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