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Queen's University

Alternative Payment Arrangement (APA) Program

Tuition fees and the Student Assistance Levy (SAL) for both Fall and Winter terms are due at the University by September 1st, 2014. Registration is not complete unless fees are paid, or students have provided Queen’s with acceptable alternate payment information by August 15, 2014 and it has been approved.

To assist students who cannot meet the September 1 payment deadline, but have a proven source of funding, an Alternative Payment Arrangement (APA) Program has been developed. The APA allows students, upon approval, to defer payment of their tuition (in part or in full) without penalty, to September 30th.


  • APA requests must be submitted between July 15 and August 15, 2014. Requests received after August 15 will be processed on a best-efforts basis only.
  • APA requests must be sent from your email address and must include your student number (note:  there is no APA form required).
  • Please see the links in the section below entitled 'Do submit an APA request if..." for WHO to send the request to
  • Students will be granted an  APA automatically if you have:
    • applied for OSAP for 2014-15 and have received an assessment
    • received Provincial/Territorial government assistance last year (in 2013-14) at Queen’s
    • applied for US Government Loans for 2014-15


 Do NOT submit an APA request if:

  • You have received your OSAP assessment for the 2014-2015 Academic Year
    You received
    Provincial/Territorial Government Assistance (Out of Province) while attending Queen’s last year (2013-14)
    Note:  Out of Province students who wish to have services charges waived until January 31 for up to the amount of their second instalment will need to submit a copy of their Notice of Assessment to the Student Awards Office at by early September.
  • You have applied for US Government Loans for the 2014-2015 Academic year
  • You will enroll in the Graduate student Payment Plan
    For more information see Pre-Authorized Payment (PPL) Plan.

 Do submit an APA request if you will be receiving:

  • Provincial/Territorial Government Assistance (e.g. Out of Province). If you did not receive last year in 2013-14 at Queen’s (e.g. entering students) send a copy of your funding assessment (Notice of Assessment) to by August 15, 2014 to receive an APA.
  • Scholarships/Awards External to Queen’s
    Send your award letter to by August 15, 2014
  • Third-party funding (e.g. foreign government, corporation, band funding, etc.)
    Send your sponsorship letter to by August 15, 2014. For information on what the letter needs to include, see Pay by Funding Agency.
  • International Tuition fees deferred to January 31, 2015
    Undergraduate international students who wish to defer their winter term fees should send their requests to Fall tuition and SAL is due September 1, 2014.
  • Extenuating Circumstances
    If you have circumstances that will prevent you from paying your tuition by September 1, 2014, you may request an APA. For example, if you can pay most of your fees by the deadline, but not all (e.g. receiving final summer employment pay cheque after deadline. Provide details of your circumstance in an email and send to by August 15, 2014.
  • Personal Credits under the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement
    Send your Personal Credits Redemption form to by August 15, 2014. For more information, see Personal Credits.

How can I tell if my APA has been approved?

While the due date in SOLUS will not change, the Alternative Payment Arrangement indicator will appear in the 'Holds' section of your account. To check if you have an approved APA, check your SOLUS account on August 13 or five business days after you’ve submitted your request, whichever is later. If the ‘Holds’ section has not been updated by August 22, contact


What happens if I can’t pay my tuition and SAL by September 1 or have not been granted an alternative payment arrangement?

  • A late payment charge of $150 will be applied to your account, and
  • You will not have access to Open Enrolment to add or swap your courses.


As soon as Queen’s receives payment for the outstanding amount or is provided a proven source of funding (e.g. Notice of Assessment – out of province government assistance), the enrolment hold will be lifted. 

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