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Queen's University

Graduate Students

Domestic Fees

International Fees

Payment Deadlines

Please note the following payment deadlines are for Graduate students not on the Pre-Authorized Payment Plan (PPL)

  • September 1st - Fall term tuition and Student Assistance Levy (SAL) due.
  • September 30th - Remaining fall term fees - residence, UHIP, student activity fees due.
  • January 1st - Winter term tuition and Student Assistance Levy (SAL) due.
  • January 31st - Remaining winter term fees (if applicable).
  • May 1st - Summer term tuition.
  • May 31st - Remaining summer term fees (if applicable).

Full-time studies

Master's and Doctoral students will be assessed the term fees stated above for each term of registration in their programs.  Qualifying full-time students are assessed the same tuition fees as shown for Master's and Doctoral students.  In the exceptional case where a qualifying student is registered for fewer than three courses, fees are assessed on a per course basis.

Graduate students (with inactive or active status) are assessed tuition fees for each term, the academic year consisting of three four-month terms (Summer, Fall, Winter), except for a few students in special programs.

Part-time studies

Part-time students, other than in the Master of Education, Master of Industrial Relations, or Master of Public Administration program, who have been part-time from first admission, pay half the full-term fee for each term until completion of degree requirements.  Part-time, course based programs (e.g. Master of Education, Master of Public Administration, Master of Industrial Relations), are assessed course fees in place of term fees.  Students who transfer from full-time to part-time (under the School of Graduate Studies regulation Transfers from Full-time to Part-time Status) are assessed half the term fee while registered part-time.

Payment Plan

Each Academic Year, Graduate students are invited to participate in the Pre-Authorized Payment Plan (PPL)  to pay their fees in monthly installments over the Academic Year.  Once enrolled, automatic withdrawals are made using the banking information provided by the student on SOLUS.  Please note that if you have unpaid debt from a previous academic year, you may NOT participate in a payment plan until the outstanding debt is paid.  Click on the to view more information about the Pre-Authorized Payment Plan (PPL).


Readmitted students are assessed tuition at the appropriate current rate per term for the number of terms away, to a maximum of 3 terms.  Thereafter, students pay the appropriate term fee until they complete the program.

Special Students

Special students who are assessed fees will be charged at the part-time Master's rate for 1-2 courses and the full-time Master's rate for 3 or more courses.  Students will also be required to pay student activity fees.

Visiting Research Students

Students who are registered as a Visiting Research Student are not charged tuition fees, but are charged University Health Insurance Plan fee (UHIP) and Student Activity Fees.

Completion / Withdrawal

A student who completes a program mid-term is eligible for a partial refund of student activity and tuition fees assessed for that term.  Students are required to return their student card to the Office of the University Registrar - Records and Services for a refund of student activity fees.  Health and dental fees are not refundable if the completion date is after the opt-out period.  Students who complete their program during the benefit year remain on the health and dental plan until August 31st.

A student withdrawing from the University after registration is required to submit his/her student card to the Office of the University Registrar - Records and Services for a refund of student activity fees.  The refund is calculated based on the date the card is received.  Please note that the Society of Graduate and Professional Students (SGPS) health and dental plan fees can only be refunded through the SGPS office during the opt-out period.

To request a refund click on the link to go to the Request A Refund form.

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