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Office of the University Registrar - December 2020 Newsletter

Dates and Deadlines


  • November 29         Fall Term classes end
  • November 30-Dec 3    Fall Term pre-examination study period
  • December 1        First date to apply to graduate in SOLUS for Spring 2021
  • December 1-Jan 31    Graduate Students: Payment Plan enrollment for Winter term (available to Graduate students not already on a PPL)
  • December 5        Graduate Students: 2nd last Payment plan payment withdrawal for the Fall term PPL
  • December 6        Commemoration Day (academics cancelled)
  • December 8-9        Fall Term pre-examination study period
  • December 10-23    Final examinations in Fall Term classes and mid-year tests in multi-term classes
  • December 15        Last day to apply for an APA for winter term
  • December 31        Fall Term ends
  • January 1        Winter Term begins
  • January 6        Winter Term classes begin
  • January 8         Graduate Students: Last date to drop Fall-Winter (full) courses without SGS approval
  • January 10         Tuition fees due in full for Winter term
  • January 11        Graduate Students: Last Payment plan payment withdrawal for Fall term PPL


Do we have your current address and telephone number in SOLUS?

Having your current mailing address and telephone number up-to-date in SOLUS is more important than ever. It means that you can get the services you require without delay. Even if you have not moved recently, it is still important to check that the “Primary Address” and “Primary Phone” information in SOLUS is current. You can update your information by logging into SOLUS and following the steps on our information page:  


December 2020 Exams

Your December exam schedule has been posted in SOLUS. The date and time shown in SOLUS may be:
•    part of a larger window of allotted time
•    a remotely proctored, non-proctored, or take-home exam, a project or essay due date, presentation date, etc.
Students writing with accommodation were sent an email in November with information about accommodations for final assessments. Please check your email, including junk and clutter folders.

Learn more about exam regulations here, and remote proctoring here.

Have funding for winter term but not sure if it will arrive before the Jan 10 due date?

You can apply for an Alternate Payment Arrangement before December 15. Find out who should apply, and how to apply, for an APA.


Not receiving Government Student Financial Assistance this year, but have in the past?

Take the necessary steps to ensure you are not required to begin making payments on your previous government loans. Learn more: (a) OSAP; (b) Other provinces/Territories


Queen’s General Bursary

2020-21 General Bursary decisions will be posted on SOLUS late December.  All bursaries are paid to the students’ accounts. If your student account is paid in full, a refund will automatically be issued to you in early February via electronic funds transfer. Please ensure that your banking information is up-to-date on SOLUS.

Important information for students receiving 2020-21 OSAP:

Students receiving 2020-2021 OSAP have a January 31 winter tuition due date.    

All or a portion of your OSAP funding will remit directly to Queen’s from OSAP to be applied to your Queen’s SOLUS student account (usually in early January).  

Please wait until mid-January (or once the OSAP payment has been applied to your Queen’s SOLUS student account) before making an online payment for any remaining balance of fees outstanding (if applicable).


2021-22 Prospective Students: Apply for a Queen’s Admission Bursary

Check out your eligibility for a Queen’s admission bursary here.  With just one application you can apply for all Queen’s need-based admission bursaries.


Graduate Students: Returning from a Leave of Absence, but want to join the Payment Plan?  

You will not be able to self-enroll into the payment plan on SOLUS until January 2021.  If wishing to enroll for the winter payment plan in December, please complete and submit
this form and send the Office of the University Registrar at

Graduate Students: Already enrolled in the fall payment plan?  

You will be automatically enrolled into the winter PPL before December 1. No need to self-enroll into the winter payment plan.


Graduate Students: Completing in the fall term and on the fall payment plan?  

Note the Fall payment plan has 4 withdrawal dates: Oct 5, Nov 5, Dec 7 and Jan 11. Don’t forget that the Jan 11 withdrawal is still for your Fall term fees, but no winter term fees are included in the Jan 11 withdrawal.


Graduate Students: Not on the Payment Plan, but want to join the winter term plan?

Winter term Payment Plan (PPL) self-enrollment starts Dec 1 through January 31. But be sure to enroll before January 10 to avoid the late fee!  Learn more.


Graduate Students: Beginning your graduate studies in January?  

If you’re starting your program in January, you can enroll in the PPL even before you’re registered. You can self-enroll in the payment plan December 1-Jan 31. Learn more.


Starting your program in January.  How do I get a student card?

Upload your photo in SOLUS and your student card will be mailed to your primary address in SOLUS.  You will receive an email letting you know when you can do this.  Details are available at


Spring 2021 Graduation is coming!  

If you will be completing your degree requirements in order to graduate in Spring 2020 you may begin applying as early as December 1, 2020.  For your timeline and for more information related to Convocation, click here.


Find information and resources on registration, tuition and fees, graduation / convocation, using the SOLUS Student Centre, as well as other services to students.