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Queen's University

Request for Student Photos


A photo of current Queen's students is stored electronically and is used to produce student cards for academic and campus security purposes. The photo can be made available to Faculty or Departmental Offices as required.

Student photos are confidential data, just like any other piece of student information, and fall under the same privacy guidelines as a student's name, address, marks, etc.. The onus is on all University staff and faculty to ensure the confidentiality of the data as outlined in the Student & Applicant Record Policy.

Important Notes

    • The Registrar's Office will not provide photos of any student who has requested complete privacy of their personal data. A request for complete privacy can be made by any student and would be granted for safety reasons only.

      To Request Student Photos

      • Please read the process outlined below, then contact the Photo ID Assistant by phone (74128) or email if you have any questions.
      • For security reasons, we can respond to requests only from appropriate Faculty Office or Departmental administrators.

      Step 1

      The Security Clearance & Undertaking Form must be completed before we give you the photos. If you currently have access to any of the Student Data Systems, then we should already have a copy of your signed form; you'll be notified if this form is required for this application.

      Step 2

      You will need to send the Registrar's Office a list of the student numbers for whom you want a photo and the reason why. Send the .txt file(s) as an email attachment to .

      Please put the numbers into a text (.txt) file, one number per line, with NO dashes, such as



      Step 3


      We will run a job to get the photos based on the file you sent. This job will create one jpeg file for each student in your list for whom we have a picture. For example, if you had 50 student numbers in your list, the job should produce 50 separate jpeg files, each containing a picture of the student whom the student number on the file name refers to, such as:






       ** Please submit all 7-digit student numbers without the leading 0.  The only accepted 8-digit numbers will be for students whose numbers are 1#######. **



      Step 4

      We will then contact you to send the photo files. You have two options to receive the files:

      1) The Photo ID Assistant will place the pictures in QShare and e-mail you when they are available; or,

      2) The Photo ID Assistant can send the pictures via ftp to your designated, secure computer



      Additional Information


      Please see the Frequently Asked Questions page for more information. You can also contact the Photo ID Assistant at 74128 or by email if you have questions about this process.

      Kingston, Ontario, Canada. K7L 3N6. 613.533.2000