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Queen's University

Frequently Asked Questions

REMEMBER: Student photos are confidential data, just like any other piece of student information, and fall under the same privacy guidelines as a student's name, address, marks, etc.. The onus is on all University staff and faculty to ensure the confidentiality of the data as outlined in the Student & Applicant Record Policy.


1. When will the photos for new students be available for my Faculty/School/Dept?

See Registration Information for the dates to obtain photo-id cards for the students in your Faculty/School.

In order to ensure you get a photo for all the students in your list, we suggest that you wait until after the second Monday in September to receive the photos. You can certainly make your request for photos before classes start, but it's advisable to wait as long as you can to ensure you will get all (or most) of the photos you need.

2. Can you send the photos to me as an email attachment?

No, this is not considered to be a secure method of transmitting confidential data. Contact your DCRep to arrange the file transfer to a secure computer via ftp.

But you can send the .txt file of student numbers to the PIA by email attachment.

3. How can I use the photos ? (electronic or printed version)

You can load the photos into a database, along with other student information that would link the photo with the student name, degree program, etc. The 'other' student information can be retrieved from the Student Data Warehouse. You could then print a report from the database that would include the photos - unfortunately, the photos will display in various sizes, which makes printing 10 to a page a little difficult.

Medphoto & Digital Print Services - Etherington Hall - phone: 32177 - can produce a printed copy of the photos for you. The cost of the job depends on the number of photos you have and the number of reports you want. Contact Chris Peck for more information.

NOTE: Because the photo files are various sizes, Chris will have to scale all the photos to the same size first, then place a group of them onto an 8.5 x 11 (or any size) sheet of paper for you - this extra work of scaling the photos will increase the cost for this service.

Please contact Deborah Smith at 74128 or by email if you have further questions

Kingston, Ontario, Canada. K7L 3N6. 613.533.2000