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Student Information System

Table of Contents

What is it?

The Student Information System (SIS) is a collection of data about individual students, applicants, and courses that are part of the central Information Management System (IMS) mainframe databases.

Data regarding students and courses is made available to authorized clients on various screens, or panels, most commonly referred to as 'PCICS panels'. The client logs on to the mainframe via QWS3270 Plus (terminal emulation software available from IDA) and is able to view the data in the various PCICS panels they have been authorized to use.

The data includes (but is not limited to)

  • biographic student data (addresses, phone numbers, names, citizenship, visa status, etc.)
  • registration data (degree programs, concentrations, terms, degrees awarded, etc)
  • course enrolments (course name, term, marks, course weights, etc.)
  • course data (course name, academic year, faculty owner, department offering)
  • internal transcripts (often referred to as 'unofficial transcripts')

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What would it be used for?

The SIS is used to meet the operational needs of authorized University staff. Operational needs would include class lists, enrolment counts, various rosters of students, internal transcripts, etc.

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Who would use it?

Department heads would nominate those individuals whose duties require them to have access to collections of private data about students.

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Application to Access the SIS

New users are asked to download, print and complete the Security Clearance & Undertaking Form. Once the application form has been received, you will be notified by ITS how to download and install the software. Email the OUR IT Help Desk if you have any questions.

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Cost and Software Installation

There is no cost for the QWS3270 Plus software, it is available for anyone to download free from IDA once a license has been obtained, but users cannot access the SIS without authorization, a userid & password.

For Current PCICS Users Only: If you get a new computer or need to re-build your current computer, you will need to re-install QWS 3270 Secure from IDA.

Important: IDA allows only 1 download per userid, so if you are re-installing QWS 3270 Secure, you will have to contact Libby White 36741 to re-set IDA for you.

  1. From IDA, Install Packages; click on the QWS3270 Secure icon.
  2. You will be required to provide your NetID and password. Contact ITS Support to verify your NetID account information.

NOTE: Please contact your DC Rep to assist you with this process if necessary. If you have any problems during the software download from IDA, please contact Libby White 36741.

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SIS support is provided by Tricia Acton (78577) of the Office of the University Registrar. You are required to change your PCICS password every 3 months. If you forget your password, then please call ITS (32244) and provide your staff number, name, userid and phone number.

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System Requirements

Any computer connected to the Queen's network that has IDA and will run QWS3270 v.3.6 or greater. 

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SIS (PCICS) training is provided by Gill Berry (74058).

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