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Queen's University

University Timetable Dispute Resolution Committee


The mandate of the University Timetable Dispute Resolution Committee (UTDRC) is to resolve scheduling conflicts in the final timetable* in a timely manner that cannot be resolved by the OUR or Academic Unit Heads.

Decisions of the UTDRC do not preclude an instructor from filing a grievance under the Collective Agreement.

Contexts for Decision Making (in order of priority)

  • Accessibility as determined by Human Rights Legislation
  • Collective Agreement
  • University Timetable Committee Principles of Timetabling
  • Room-access priorities
    1. the course enrolment that is closest to the maximum capacity of the room.
    2. other pedagogical needs (e. g., equipment needs, physical layout, proximity to teaching resources). Rationale must be provided.


  • Chair of the University Timetable Committee (normally, the Chair of the UTC and non-voting member)
  • A Faculty UTC member
  • A Student (normally the UTC student member)
  • A Faculty Member nominated by QUFA
  • University Registrar (or delegate) (ex-officio)

Note on membership: Since it will be important for the UTDRC to meet in a timely manner when an appeal is received, [the University Timetabling Committee will compile a list of a number of possible members for each of the above-stated position types] each category above will have a pool of candidates.


In the first instance, scheduling conflicts should be addressed to the Head and, if necessary, with the Office of the University Registrar.

Unresolved scheduling conflicts must be in writing from the Head and submitted to the Chair of the UTDRC.

The OUR may submit disputes directly to the UTDRC.

The Chair of the UTDRC will convene the UTDRC in a timely manner.

The Head will be informed of the UTDRC's decision in writing by the Chair of the UTDRC as soon as possible.

* In preliminiary versions of the timetable, the instructor should discuss all requests for a change with the Head.

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