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Office of the University Registrar - July 2018 Newsletter

Dates and Deadlines

  • July 5                        Graduate Students: Payment Plan Payment withdrawal.
  • July 9                        Undergraduate Students: You can add courses to your shopping cart! See below for details
  • July 15                     Application to Graduate for Fall 2018 opens.
  • July 31-Aug 3          Exams for May-July 12 week courses.


Undergraduate Students - Course selection begins!

Add courses to your shopping cart! Your course selection become official after your Enrollment appointment begins.  Appointments begin on July 16. Learn more.

Graduate Students - Monthly Payment Plan Payments – Don’t forget!

PPL payments will come out on the 5th of each month from June to August.  The next withdrawal will be on July 5th.  Contact if you have any questions, or need to be removed from the payment plan.

What do I need to do to receive my Photo ID student card and when will I receive it?

Submit your photo and we will make your card over the summer for pick up in September.  Click here for details.

Don’t Delay! Apply for government student financial assistance through your province of residence!

Links to all provinces/territories in Canada can be found on the Student Awards web site here.

Prepare your financial plan for the 2018-19 academic year!

Take a look at the Student Awards website, which contains useful information about options for financial assistance. Learn more.

2018-2019 OSAP: 

  • Beginning 2018-19, the Government of Ontario is requiring each time your enrolment is confirmed, all or a portion of your OSAP funding will be redirected to Queen’s to be applied to your tuition and education-related fees. The amount of your OSAP to be remitted to Queen’s will not exceed the value of your term tuition, Student Assistance Levy, and fees charged (excluding residence charges), unless you have a balance outstanding from a previous academic term.  Any remaining OSAP will be deposited to your personal bank account.  Log on to your OSAP account at and view your Funding Summary for details of what is being redirected to Queen’s or you can review your Student Fee Account – Net Cost View.
  • Beginning 2018-19, undergraduate students do NOT report any scholarships, bursaries, or awards received from Queen's University.  Queen's University will be reporting all undergraduate scholarships/awards/bursaries to OSAP via another reporting mechanism.


Qualified to Graduate in the Fall?

The Application to Graduate opens July 15th! 


Find information and resources on registration, tuition and fees, graduation / convocation, using the SOLUS Student Centre, as well as other services to students.