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Office of the University Registrar - October 2020 Newsletter

Dates and Deadlines



  • September 21     Last date to add Fall Term and multi-term classes.
  • September 30    Last day to opt out of Optional Activity fees or Health and Dental coverage
  • September 30    Tuition fees due in full for Fall Term classes.
  • September 30    Residence, UHIP and Student Activity fees due in full.
  • early October     Winter term fees posted to accounts.
  • October 2    Until November 1, receive a partial tuition refund (25%) on dropped undergrad courses
  • October 5    Grad Students: First Payment Plan (PPL) withdrawal
  • October 9    Fall examination schedule posted to SOLUS
  • October 9    Until November 7 to report an exam conflict.  Learn more.
  • October 9    Until November 7 to register for exam accommodations. Learn more.    
  • October 12    Thanksgiving Day (Classes will not be held)
  • October 15    Last day to change your name for Fall 2020 degree lists
  • October 15    Service Charges assessed on outstanding debt
  • October 15    Last day to apply to graduate for Fall 2020
  • October 26-30     Fall mid-term Break.
  • October 31    Application for 2020-2021 Queen’s General Bursary ends. Learn more.



Ready to learn remotely this fall?

You can enhance your success in online learning by being well-prepared. See what advice Queen’s IT Services offers by consulting the Getting Started for New Students guide and the Learning Remotely page. If you intend to purchase technology, please review our recommendations.


Protect your data and devices

Many students’ Queen’s credentials (NetID and password) are compromised each year due to phishing attacks. Don’t take the bait! Learn how to identify and report a phishing email and don’t reuse your Queen’s credentials on other websites. Want to do more to protect yourself? Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is also available, so get on board now! To register at any time, please see the MFA enrolment process tutorial. A new Cybersecurity Education and Awareness program will also be launched this October to help you learn more about cybersecurity best practices and how to identify and respond to cyber threats.


Don’t forget your Student Card!

An important part of enrolling each year is to ensure you receive (for new students) or have validated (for upper-year students) your photo ID student card. View the schedule.


About your Ancillary Fees

In May 2020, the Queen’s Board of Trustees approved 2020-21 ancillary fees subject to a review by the university, the AMS and SGPS to determine if any adjustments would be required in the context of the ongoing pandemic. This review has taken place, and initial adjustments have been made. Some fees require further evaluation, given the fluidity of the provincial and local public health context, and uncertainties relating to the anticipated impacts on campus operations. Any fee adjustments would result in the reduction of the amount of a fee, not an increase. As a result, the university, the AMS and the SGPS will re-assess mandatory fee amounts at two points in the upcoming year:
The first point will be mid-September, 2020, before fall term fee payments are due on September 30, 2020:  Some adjustments (reductions) may be made by the university, the AMS and/or the SGPS, depending on current public health information and anticipated service levels. Any credits will be applied to student SOLUS accounts if payment has already been received. Learn about your Ancillary Fees here.


Apply for a 2020-2021 Queen’s General Bursary

The Queen's General Bursary is a non-repayable grant available to eligible students in all years of study who demonstrate financial need. The application is now available through your SOLUS Student Centre. For further information about Queen’s General Bursary and eligibility please visit the Student Awards Website.


Visit the Student Awards website

The Student Awards website has timely information about financial aid programs such as government student assistance, Queen’s general bursary, and work study programs. Click here for more



2020-21 OSAP:

  • The 2020-2021 Full-time OSAP application is available. For information about OSAP refer to Government Student Aid - OSAP (Ontario Student Assistance Program) on the Financial Aid section of our website. You may also go to the OSAP website for additional information.
  • Undergraduate students, JD and MD students do NOT report any scholarships, bursaries, or awards received from Queen's University on their OSAP application.  Queen's University will be reporting all undergraduate scholarships/awards/bursaries to OSAP via another reporting mechanism.   For information about reporting awards on OSAP, please visit the Student Awards website here
  • Queen’s will confirm full-time enrolment for students who have completed an OSAP application (make sure you have submitted all required documentation). Queen's will begin confirming full-time enrolment close to the start of your study period. Please wait until mid-September (once the OSAP payment has been applied to your Queen’s SOLUS student account) before making an online payment for any remaining balance of fees outstanding (if applicable).


Queen’s Online Verification of Enrolment?

The Online Verification of Enrolment is a snapshot of your current or past registration status at Queen's, and is available for the upcoming Fall Winter 2020-2021 academic year. The Verification of Enrolment form may be required for the following:  RESP agreement forms; Student Line of Credit verification of enrolment letters; confirmations for non-Queen’s awards (external scholarships and awards); confirmation of your student status to external agencies (e.g. bank, student association).


Not receiving Government Student Financial Assistance this year, but have in the past?

Learn more on how to keep previous loans in interest-free status.

Printable Student Fee Statements available through SOLUS

You can print your own statement of financial transactions by term. Learn how

Need help studying for exams?

Visit to search for non-confidential exams from the previous 10 years.

Tuition Fees for Graduate Students  

If you enrolled in the Fall Payment Plan (PPL), your first withdrawal will occur on October 5th  Learn More

Fall 2020 Graduation is coming!  

Instructions on how to apply, and further information such as academic advice, diplomas, etc. is available here.


Find information and resources on registration, tuition and fees, graduation / convocation, using the SOLUS Student Centre, as well as other services to students.